Earth Angel

Black knee-high vinyl boots, ankle length ruffle stretch skirt, black “Angel Wing” t-shirt with a crochet Earth cap and red guitar pick necklace.

Angel Wings are really the focal part of the outfit.

The best way to ensure you are always ready to jam is to wear one of your favorite picks around your neck.

Lenore’s Entry:

Hello!  Have you ever wondered how to sew?  Well it can be easy and hard. My mom sews all the time.

This is how I put this outfit together. It was Halloween night. My big sister was the White Which from Narnia this past Halloween. My mom sewed this skirt using white, flappy, ruffle fabric. When it was done it was shiny, silky and stretchy.

This black angel shirt is awesome ! It has silver wings in the back. The wings are ironed on the back.

My favorite is the pick that is a necklace. It is red, white, and black and has a black bowling ball on it. I use this pick when I play my electric guitar.

The  very last thing I’m wearing is the Earth hat. The Earth applique is green and blue, and the hat is crocheted. I wear this a lot.

Thanks for checking this out!

The entire outfit laid out.

Mom’s Notes: The black boots were found at Target. White ruffle skirt is sewn from ruffle fabric, found at any fabric store around Halloween. The angel wing iron on was located on Ebay, as well as the crocheted black beanie cap. I did not crochet the Earth applique. It was purchased on Etsy and I whip-stitched to the hat. Lenore made the guitar pick necklace from one of her collection. She does use that pick when she practices her guitar. Come back on Monday to see her play. Thanks!


Dragon Hats, Lime Green and Church

Church outfit, locked and loaded.

Lenore’s Entry:

HI! My name is Lenore. Do you know how many clothes I have?  I have a lot of clothes. This is how I put this outfit together. My mom put out a ruffled lime green dress with a black pair of leggings for me to wear to church. It was kind of boring. I put the ruffed  green dress on and the black lace-up leggings. I wanted to have some fun, so then I went into my mom and dad’s room. In my moms room she has a dresser that has necklaces. There was a red black and white  necklace and anklet set. The set is made from black kukui nuts with white and red shells.  At last I put on my red, white and black dragon hat. I came out to show my mom and dad. My mom and dad really liked it. Thanks for reading!

Shot of the outfit after church. It worked out well.

Mom’s Notes:  We got Lenore’s lime green dress on sale at Zulily The lace up leggings were a steal at ROSS and I made the hat from a 1940’s sewing pattern found on Etsy.

The necklace and anklet can be found at any party supply store. Stay tuned for a new entry and outfit on Friday.