Hey guys I have big news to tell you. It may be weird but I have a bird. A wild bird.So I guess you might be thinking ” Don’t you have enough animals?” I mean I have a fish, dog,and two cats. Yeah, no. I saved his life from being mauled by a cat in the sun. Also I saved him today from also being mauled by a cat (again). OK , this time it was my fault for leaving the door open to the bird box, but hey I learned my lesson. After today I think I’ll name him “SkyFall”. I don’t know.


I was devastated at first but then I was furious and I wanted to scream and put him (the cat) outside and … oh *he he* sorry. I got in my own little world for a second. It’s like a week old now and it’s so fluffy.

We found him hanging from the cat’s mouth outside the kitchen. The poor little thing was squeaking like a scared strangling mouse. We put the two cats outside once we pried the bird out of the cat’s mouth. He’s lucky to still be alive. After that the family is more cautious about the cats. It was kinda my fault for forgetting to leave the door open.

We feed Skyfall dog food that’s watered down and mashed up with bugs. Also we give him water through a tiny syringe. The only thing that keeps him warm is a lamp for reading. I have to go. Go to feed Skyfall his food.


SkyFall after a meal...

SkyFall after a meal…

Lps Slayer Channel.

Hey I’m back and guess what? I made my own channel and it’s called Lps Slayer. I made it couple months ago it isn’t very popular.     :  , (    Anyways I’ve made not a lot of videos so far. Here’s a link to it:

I need some new material for videos so I’m asking you guys to give me some material and I’ll put in my video as a shout out.    Also if you like my videos please subscribe to my channel

I’m Back!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone I’m so sorry I haven’t written in like how many years three? I don’t know but has been long. I am TEN years old now and I wanna say something… I’M BACK! Sorry again about the caps. Anyway I have some big news… I have a puppy. Her name is Boots, and she’s six months old.

I paid the lady with my own money. The best part is that she was only $20 can you believe it $20 dollars! So here I am typing to you all and, no Boots I don’t have ice cubes. (Ugh) Hold on…….So that’s it it’s been a great time talking to you guys.


Baby Boots!

Baby Boots!

I Have Mermaid Hair

Teal is my new color.

It will last 2 weeks….hopefully!

I really love my new hair color.

Lenore’s Entry: HI!!! It’s me again. I went to a salon for hair cuts for my dad because he needed a hair cut. Well he wanted a hair cut. After Dad was done, I got my hair colored.  They showed me colors and I wanted the sea green color, but just part of my hair.  First we had to put a little bit of  jell on. After that we put the color that you want to use. I had to sit there for a long time only for one part and that’s the rinsing  part. Then I had to wait in a blow dryer for a few minutes.  It was kind of loud.  The ladies who colored my hair were nice to me. When I was done, they said I look like a mermaid.  I wish you where there. It was fun but cold. I was in a soccer uniform. That’s all I have today. Good Bye!

Mom’s Notes: This is a color that should last for about 2 weeks, if we are careful. 


Back to School!

We didn’t get a picture of Lenore for her first day of school. Will be sure to do this next LC date. In the meantime, here is a random shot with one of her school hats

Lenore’s Entry:

Today I  went to school today. It was fun. I met some new friends at the new school. We had class at the LC. My class is little small. 8 people are in my class including me of course. For my homework I get a Apple iPod Touch 3,  and a camera comes with it too. Homework is hard but there is more PLAY TIME. My teacher is very nice to me. I have less boys in my class this year in my class. This is good.

Mom’s Entry: Lenore loves her new school schedule. This Friday will be a traditional “fashion” entry, but things are a bit hectic today. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week.

Thanks Aunt Niki!

This is a great outfit for my panda hat.

I love my new outfit! The skirt has shorts built-in. Yay !

Lenore’s Entry: Hi!!!! My shirt is pink with  a little bit of sparkle at the bottom of  the shirt. It has a bow at the top of the shirt and hearts are at the bottom of the pink shirt and it has lace at the top of the shirt.

The skirt is black , pink and white. At the bottom of the skirt there is pink  black and white are checkered . Theres a bow that is checkered on the wast of the skirt.

This final part is the hat that is a panda. The hat has brown eyes and a black ring around his eye .

Thank you Aunt Niki for the wonderful outfit! I love it!


Mom’s Notes: Lenore took a week off of blogging because we have been going full force since last week. The musical performance wrapped with its last show on Saturday night, all three kids started school this week, and soccer practices have begun. It has been a blur of registration forms, back to school rush, and everything under the sun. We’re back, though! A big thanks goes out to Lenore’s Aunt Niki, who generously sent Lenore a box of adorable outfits this week. She can’t wait to showcase more. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll be back on Friday.