My Halloween Fun Last Week!

This is me and my super old brother!

This is what The Mad Hatter wears in his hat.

Lenore’s Entry:  Happy Halloween!!!! I was the Mad Hatter for Halloween. I was sick on that day but my dad took me to a few houses. A couple of homes just dumped a lot of candy in to my bag. It was a lot of fun , even if I was a little sick I was still happy I went trick or treating. My costume has a purple hat. My talented mom sewed my vest and the two tails in back. Mom used blue ruffle for my skirt and orange satin for my vest. She finished it in four days. I used my own eye shadow that my sister got me. It has lots of colors like dark blue and a very light blue

My sister went as Katniss from the 74th Annual Hunger Games because she likes Peeta a lot. The first time she saw it, it was at a movie theater, and now she LOVES it. My brother went as an old man. He just had an old mask and a wig that was gray.

Good bye and Happy Late Halloween!!!!

Mom’s Notes: Lenore got sick right about the same time I completed her costume. It was not a very good Halloween for her, but she took it like a trooper. 


Thanks Grandma Patty!

I love my new skirt and flamingo!

Look at the ruffles!

Check out my bow!

Named the flamingo “Pinky”.

Hi!! Its me again. Its been so long since I have talked to you. My skirt is ruffled and it is Monster High. Monster High is a show that shows monsters in high school. The main monsters are Frankie Stein , Clawdeen Wolf , Lagoona Blue , Cleo De Nile , Ghoulaia Yelps and Draculaura. Those are the main monsters. Ghoulia is the smartest monster in the school. Cleo is a mummy and Clawdeen is a wolf. Lagoona is a sea monster and Dracualura is a vampire. Deuce is Mudeusa’s son. Frankie is Francan Stines dotter. Ghoulia is a zombie. Deuce and Cleo are GF and BF.

The skirt is pink and black. On the side of the skirt there is a ribbon that is pink. My stuffed flamingo is named Pinky. She is nice to me and she loves the outdoors. My Grandma sent it to me yesterday. Thank you Grandma!

Good Bye

I Have Leather and Feathers

This skirt is awesome because it has shorts sewn in.

Lenore’s Entry:

Hi!!!!  Its my outfit and me . HAPPY FRIDAY.  This is a green shirt that has shiny silver sparkles on this T-shirt. The design is a feather. It has pink on it too.

The feather around my neck is blue and yellow and soft. It is a necklace and dark brown leather cord.

My leather jacket is black and button-up. It’s the same jacket I wore for other pictures but I like it. It has silver zippers and snaps, and says something on the buttons but I didn’t read them.

This skirt is silver, gold and black. It is see-through on the very bottom and layered with black shorts under it.

The other necklace has shells on it too. It’s black and white and a little bit of yellow.

I went to Block Buster to pick some movies and I felt happy at Block Buster because someone liked my outfit there. If someone says they like your clothes, be polite and say “Thank you!”  I always try to remember to do that.

Thank you for reading today.


Mom’s Notes: Another big thank-you goes out to my oldest daughter for generously allowing Lenore borrow her clothing. The skirt, feather necklace, and shirt belong to her. They are from loved ones, and I’m not sure where they were purchased. If they chime in, I will add the link. The faux leather jacket is from Sears. Black boots were found at Target. We are pushing Lenore to expand beyond the basic description of the clothing. Future entries will include a short story tied with the outfit in some way. Thank you for stopping by, and have a great weekend.

Smile! I Have Big Sister Clothes.

Thanks Big Sister! This camera necklace is great.

Lenore’s Entry:

Its me again . I hope you have your cameras ready, because I have mine! It’s a necklace. It is silver and black and it has a white diamond .

Next is the hat. The hat is black and white. It is a kitten stocking hat. It reminds me of baby cats.

The tank top is back and lined. It is very stretchy.

On my feet are red boots and they are “zip ups”. They are almost  up to my knees. The boots are shiny and deep dark blood-red. They remind me of my “Zombie Blood Nail Polish” colors. Sometimes I wear them at school and at church.

The final part of my outfit is the skirt. This skirt is red, turquoise, brown and lime green. These are flowers on it  with shapes and patterns. My big sister let me borrow it because she is AWESOME!

Thank you, BIG SISTER!


Mom’s Notes: A big thanks goes out to Aunt Niki for the beautiful skirt. The camera necklace and tank top are also from family, though I do not know where they were purchased. The kitty hat was found at Claire’s Boutique, on sale for $1.99, and the red boots can be found at Target during the winter season. A special thanks goes out to my oldest daughter, who allowed Lenore to borrow some of her clothing for this blog. We will be back Monday with another entry. Thank you for taking the time to stop by, and have a great weekend.

Earth Angel

Black knee-high vinyl boots, ankle length ruffle stretch skirt, black “Angel Wing” t-shirt with a crochet Earth cap and red guitar pick necklace.

Angel Wings are really the focal part of the outfit.

The best way to ensure you are always ready to jam is to wear one of your favorite picks around your neck.

Lenore’s Entry:

Hello!  Have you ever wondered how to sew?  Well it can be easy and hard. My mom sews all the time.

This is how I put this outfit together. It was Halloween night. My big sister was the White Which from Narnia this past Halloween. My mom sewed this skirt using white, flappy, ruffle fabric. When it was done it was shiny, silky and stretchy.

This black angel shirt is awesome ! It has silver wings in the back. The wings are ironed on the back.

My favorite is the pick that is a necklace. It is red, white, and black and has a black bowling ball on it. I use this pick when I play my electric guitar.

The  very last thing I’m wearing is the Earth hat. The Earth applique is green and blue, and the hat is crocheted. I wear this a lot.

Thanks for checking this out!

The entire outfit laid out.

Mom’s Notes: The black boots were found at Target. White ruffle skirt is sewn from ruffle fabric, found at any fabric store around Halloween. The angel wing iron on was located on Ebay, as well as the crocheted black beanie cap. I did not crochet the Earth applique. It was purchased on Etsy and I whip-stitched to the hat. Lenore made the guitar pick necklace from one of her collection. She does use that pick when she practices her guitar. Come back on Monday to see her play. Thanks!