I Want To Share My Favorite Blog:

I LOVE cute things! Panda Hats and Milktoof’s are super cute.

Lenore’s Notes: Hey!!!!! I love a blog about “My Milk Toof“. Its two little teeth that go on fun adventures. One of my favorite stories is when Lardee got sick and Ickle read Lardee a story. I LOVE, LOVE “My Milk Toof”.

Lardee is the fat one and Ickle is the skinny one. I would like to help the woman who did this cute idea. I would help her make the scenes and take the pictures.

To the woman who made My Milk Toof : I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!. It’s so cute and every day I check it. It’s cute how you did the forest that is black , brown and you are very, very, very talented. For those who don’t know, she made a forest that was spectacular and sort of realistic.

I wonder if Carrot got a present? Oh I almost forgot. Carrot is the fish that Ickel and Lardee have. They are very good friends.

I would recommend “My Milk Toof” to someone because it is soooo cute.  😉

Mom’s Notes: As you can see, Lenore loves this blog. I hope you get a chance to check out the ultimate cuteness . Have a great weekend and thanks for reading. 


My Halloween Fun Last Week!

This is me and my super old brother!

This is what The Mad Hatter wears in his hat.

Lenore’s Entry:  Happy Halloween!!!! I was the Mad Hatter for Halloween. I was sick on that day but my dad took me to a few houses. A couple of homes just dumped a lot of candy in to my bag. It was a lot of fun , even if I was a little sick I was still happy I went trick or treating. My costume has a purple hat. My talented mom sewed my vest and the two tails in back. Mom used blue ruffle for my skirt and orange satin for my vest. She finished it in four days. I used my own eye shadow that my sister got me. It has lots of colors like dark blue and a very light blue

My sister went as Katniss from the 74th Annual Hunger Games because she likes Peeta a lot. The first time she saw it, it was at a movie theater, and now she LOVES it. My brother went as an old man. He just had an old mask and a wig that was gray.

Good bye and Happy Late Halloween!!!!

Mom’s Notes: Lenore got sick right about the same time I completed her costume. It was not a very good Halloween for her, but she took it like a trooper. 

Introducing, My New Baby . . . Sister?

This picture was taken by the doctor today. She thinks it’s a girl.

This baby is pretty cute.

The baby is waving at me.

I’m so excited about this baby!

Lenore’s Entry: My mom’s doctor thinks the baby is going to be a baby girl! Today I went to my mom’s appointment to see the baby. My dad came along too. When we were doing the ultra sound, the baby did not like us poking “her”. She kicked a lot, and we could see her kicking from the outside. Her legs are a little longer than usual babies. The doctor said it’s fine. We saw the heartbeat pounding on the screen. The doctor told me where the heart was. The heart is healthy.

There was this cream they had to put on mom’s belly. We could see where the eyes are, and its little hands. The baby looked like it was waving in the picture. That picture is listed above. I feel excited about this baby, even though she is going to get into my stuff. I love this baby already, even though she isn’t born yet. I just love her.


Mom’s Notes: Lenore goes with me every month, but this was the first time we got some really excellent pictures. This is the second visit where the doctor is heavily leaning toward “girl”. We’re so excited. She made the big announcement with her electric guitar, here.  Take care.

Wreck This Journal. “I’m So Bored!”

I’m so bored, and I’m writing about being bored in the book.

Being bored is hard work.

But I took some cool pictures with moms camera after the “bored” journal project.

Mom let me have the camera.

This is one I took, too.

This is the journal.

While I waited for mom, I wrote this.

Lenore’s Entry:  Hi!!!! This journal is called “Wreck This Journal”. It’s my sisters book or journal. I did it myself at my moms job. If you don’t believe  me, it says so in the entry. At the job I took a picture of a lizard looking at the camera. I got very close to him.

I took lots of pictures of flowers. I have a favorite flower. I call it the pink long ginger flower. I LOVE flowers names. My favorite flower name is Lily.

Today is Friday. Tomorrow is my first soccer game.

Good’ bye

Mom’s Notes: The point of the exercise was for Lenore to write about a super boring event in the part of the journal designated for such an entry. It helped that I took her along on my boring job. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

That’s me on my first “adult ride” by myself. It was an 85 ft. drop

That’s me coming down…FAST!

Lenore’s Entry:  I am back!!!!! I was very BUSY.  That’s why I didn’t do an entry for a long time. School is doing great. I dissected a Lima bean in science. A Lima bean  has a coat, just like us (but ours is called skin). When you soak the Lima bean in water it turns yellow.

I am also doing guitar. Oh I almost forgot! I’m learning  a new song and its called “Zombie” by The Cranberries. I will show you when I am ready. I cant wait to go on the  Super Shot again. That’s what I am riding in the picture.

I’m in a choir group now. It’s great. Also, I performed a play called “Annie” this past July and August. It was really fun, and I met a lot of people and I made lots of friends too.

Well its time to go so, Good Bye!

Mom’s Notes: We are trying to get back on schedule. This has been difficult with the adjustments to her new school schedule. Thanks for sticking with us.