Pirates, And Robots, And Knives Oh MY!

Pirates or Robots? Why choose?

Lenore’s Entry: Hi! Its me again. My shoes are black . They don’t cover up all of my foot. But they sure are comfortable.

I like pirates.  So I wear a  red leather coat with my pirate headband and have a pretend knife. Just like a pirate.  I like robots, too.  So I’m also wearing two robot necklaces.  They have little legs that are loose, and  mustaches with sparkle eyes.  I’m wearing two, but you can’t see the other one in the first picture.  The other one is blue and is the same as the pink one.

The robots are “friendship” necklaces. One of them is mine and one of them is my sister’s. Hers is the blue one, and mine is the pink one. I got them for my sister at the community mall. In the Mall is “Hot Topic”. That is a store. I love the things there. They have fun pins like “I love Tacos” or ” I Love Pancakes”. They also have crazy fun hats, and “Hunger Game” necklaces.

When I can’t choose between two things, sometimes I wear them together. It always works, but if I have THREE things, I just chose two. Three is usually too much.

Have a good weekend, and I hope you read this. See you on Monday. ARRGH!!

Mom’s Notes: Lenore’s shirt is a hand-me-down from her big brother. I believe it’s from Target. The red jacket is another find from Sears. We hit sales at the end of the season for the best deal. Not a bad purchase for $11.00. The pirate head headband is from Disney, compliments of “Big Sister”. Have a great weekend, and see you on Monday.


The Devil Wears Prada, But Mother Nature Wears Blue Jeans

Mother Nature and her crown.


“I wear this crown all the time.”

Lenore’s Entry:

HI!!! Its me again. I have my outfit ready. These blue jeans  have pockets in the back. It has a snap button. It has a puckered seam on the leg. These are old.

In these pictures I am wearing a red sweater. The color is bright cherry red. It is very warm and I mean the sweaty kind of warm. But I like it anyways.

I have a belt around my waist . Its covered with  black , white studs.

A crown is on my head. This is my Mother Nature crown. It made from sparkly green leaves. There are deep red berries with the leaves. And there are white flowers too. Some critters live on crown too. There are birds, butterflies, and a baby deer. I forgot about Mr. Mouse! He’s tiny. My mom made me this crown for Halloween, but I wear it a lot. I LOVE my crown. Hope you like it.

Good Bye friends.

Mom’s Notes: I made Lenore’s Mother Nature crown last year for Halloween. She decided to be Mother Nature (obviously) and we spent a great deal of time in Ben Franklin. The animals can be found online at Etsy, or (if you’re lucky) you can snag some woodland creatures at Hobby Lobby. Since Halloween has past, she has worn this crown often. It’s definitely one of her favorite accessories. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to talk you through the process. Have a great week!