Mom’s Notes: Lenore is currently learning the basics to the song “Zombie” by The Cranberries. While she is still working on the original lyrics (there are a lot for her to memorize), she decided to add her own touch to make our big family announcement. The baby is due in March. She is going to be a fantastic big sister. Thanks for letting her share our great news with you.


Mom’s Notes: Happy Friday everyone! This is the new song Lenore has been working on for the month. She will continue to practice and we will post occasional updates of this song and others as she improves. We will be back with another fashion post this Monday. Have a fantastic weekend, and thanks for watching.

Mom’s Notes: Everyone has to start somewhere when learning something new. This is Lenore’s beginning of a new song. As with the others, we plan to record the progress. It’s rough. Extremely rough! But with practice (and more instruction), she will eventually get it. As of now, she does not know the intro., and the rest of the song. Normally we post one of her new songs at the first of every month. That will happen as scheduled, but I wanted to share a glimpse of what’s to come. Hopefully, some day she will look back at these videos and smile. They certainly make her father and I smile. Have a great week.

Lenore’s Entry: Hi again! I want to talk about when I was 6, and I stared playing guitar. This is a old video of me playing my electric blue guitar. This song is “People Are Strange”. It is by “The Doors”. When I was 6, I thought they were called “The DORVES”, and now I know their real name. This is my first song that I ever played on my guitar. It took me lots of weeks to learn it.

Now I am learning to play a song called “Little Boxes” by Malvina Reynolds. My favorite band, “Walk Off The Earth” plays a cover of this song. I like this song, and I will play it in about 3 weeks for my blog. In the meantime, I hope you like watching them and me when I was 6. Today I learned the “D” barre chord. I put my pointer finger on all of the strings except for the top one. Then I flatten out my ring finger and put pinky finger on the second string. It’s hard to talk about when you don’t see the guitar. I’ll show you how to do it soon. It feels hard on the wrist and hand. I got to shake it off a little. But anyways, it’s fun. Have a good day and night. Bye!

Mom’s Notes: As stated above, Lenore picked up her first guitar roughly a year ago. She has been practicing almost every day, and we encourage her to choose her own songs. We find there is more interest in “sticking with it” if she has some choices. This indeed is one of her absolute favorite bands. They are pretty fun, and I encourage you to check out more of their videos. She will be back on Friday with another post. Thanks for watching.

Lenore and her guitar.

Mom’s NoteHere’s a link to Vimeo that shows Lenore playing a song from her playlist: check it out on Vimeo.  Or if that link does not work, you can see it below on YouTube. Clearly, we need to get her a new amp., but we hope you enjoy her effort. Normally she only posts on Monday and Friday, but she was pretty excited to show family her progress.

Lenore’s Entry:

Hi again! It’s Lenore here.

This video is of me playing electric guitar. I have a Squire Mini-Strat electric guitar. Fender makes these. I call it a “Mini Fender”. I have been playing one full year now.

This is how I got my first guitar. It was on Easter Day. When I woke up from my bed, I ran out to see what I got from the Easter Bunny. Mom and Dad came out, and we saw a dark purplish-blue electric guitar. It was on our blue chair. It had an amp and cord with it too. It was a Washburn  guitar. I played on this guitar for 8 months, and then Santa brought me the Mini Fender for Christmas. I got the biggest present.

I have been playing on this guitar ever since I got it for Christmas last year.

In the video, I am playing “And Then He Kissed Me”, on my Mini-Fender that I got for Christmas. There are some mistakes in my playing, I keep practicing and I learn from them. These are open chords. My dad is teaching me barre chords.

Hope you guys have a good time watching it!