Tunics Are AWESOME!

Tunics and Leggings are always a favorite here.

Lenore’s Entry: HI !!! This is me, with my Monday outfit. My leggings are white and stretchy. There is lace on the bottom of the leggings. These leggings are pretty new compared to my black leggings.

My next AWESOME part is the tunic. This tunic is colorful. The colors are green, blue and white. The patterns are a little swirly and weird.

On my head is a head band that is green and blue. Also the head band sparkles like the ocean. I wear this head band a lot.

I am not wearing earnings. I am wearing an ear cuff. It’s swirly and green and blue and yellow. You can wear earnings with it but I decided not to do that.

Good bye!

Mom’s Notes: Lenore is late today because she has been putting in extra time at the pool and rehearsal. Thanks for stopping by. By the middle of next week, we will have another guitar performance posted. Have a great week.


A “Punk Girl” Prairie Dress!

Mom made this dress for me!!!!!!!

Mom: “I bought the fabric for Lenore on sale. It was a $1.99 a yd. The dress requires only 1.5 yds.”

Thanks MOM!

Lenore’s Entry: HI!!! ITS ME AGAIN!! I missed you guys. I love it when people read my blog. So thank you for reading. This dress is sewn by my mom. She picked out the pattern at the fabric store too. As soon as she got home, mom showed the fabric to me. She said that it would make a good dress. Mom sewed it all day. It took three days to make the dress. And now Wallah!…. it’s done. I think I look like a punk-rock girl.

When I wear it , it feels comfortable. I LOVE this dress. I am going to wear this to Church on Saturday. Now I can’t wait for church!

The necklaces are black and white. They are chained together. On the necklace and hat  there is Jack Skellington. I like him because he was on a move called “Nightmare Before Christmas“. It’s a really good movie. You should definitely see it, but I’m not going to tell you what it’s about.

Signing off for Friday! I have to go practice guitar. Bye!

Mom’s Notes: Lenore is a bit confused about where the pattern came from. It’s a basic Peasant Dress found on Etsy. The fabric is from the “Skellanimal” collection, and yes…it was on sale. The dress can be made in an hour, if you don’t have two other children and at least 20 other things that must be done. It took me 3 days 🙂 Lenore will be back next Monday with a new outfit. She is working on a new song to share as well. Have a great weekend.

Headscarves Never Get Old

This scarf takes no time to wrap.

Lenore’s Entry: Hi!!! This is my outfit. I hope you like it. If you don’t  it  is fine.  My dress is sun shine yellow and white. It’s a sun shine yellow tie- dye.

Another part of my outfit is the leggings. These leggings have laces on the bottom of them. They also have little silver open circles on the bottom with stretchy material.

The most interesting is the head band. This head band is wrapped into a flower on the side. My mom did this for me. The head band is rainbow flowers. When I was at a fair, some people liked my head band. That was pretty awesome that someone said something nice about my headscarf.

Good day and good night to you.

Love Lenore.

Mom’s notes: The tutorial on how to wrap a scarf in this fashion can be found here. She has been wearing scarves in this “bun fashion” quite a bit. Have a great weekend, and we’ll be back on Monday.

A Frog Lives On My Hat

It’s hard to keep my chin straight.

White leggings with lace and 2 ankle bracelets.

This is the frog that lives on my hat.

The dress has 2 layers and is very full.

The shrug is white and crocheted.

Lenore’s Monday Entry:

Hi! This is my outfit for today. I wear this to school. These are bracelets. I put them on my ankles. One is silver with black hearts and the other one has color flowers and fake gem stones.

The leggings are white and stretchy. They have white lace on bottom too.

Here comes the dress that is so colorful! It looks stitched but it’s not. Its red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. It has straps and two  layers.

The next  part of the outfit is the shrug. The shrug  is white and looks like lace.  It is loose.

The last thing I want to write about is the hat. The hat is pink and green. It has frog on it too. The frog is green and it lives on my hat. It catches flies when I am not around.


The outfit.

Mom’s Notes: We are working with Lenore to become more descriptive with her writing. This has been a challenge. As for the outfit, the dress is from Zulily. We found the hat on Ebay. The white leggings can be found at any retail store, and the bracelets are from a church thrift shop. Thanks for stopping by and she will be back with another entry on Friday.

Black Ruffled Shirt Dress And Other Stuff

One of the outfits worn to school.

Shoes sent from Nana. Leggings sewn by mom.

Cheetah print fuzzy hat sewn by mom, and “red shoes” pin found at a church flea market.

Shades taken from mom’s purse.

Lenore’s Entry:

Its, me. This is my outfit for today. Let’s start with the shoes. These shoes are red with little shiny white crystals. The shoes are deep red. The next part is the leggings. The leggings are black, yellow and stretch. Mom made this out of knee socks. Next is the shirt dress. It is black with ruffles. It also has buttons down the front and ties in the back.

Now I am going to talk about the hat. The hat is brown and black cheetah print. It is fuzzy and warm. My mom sewed it for me. The shoe pin matches my real shoes.

I’ll see you next time on Monday.

This entire outfit cost around $20 total. Not a bad deal.

Mom’s Notes: The black ruffle shirt dress is really a shirt I got off the rack at ROSS for $2.99. Since it has ties in back, it makes a great knee-length dress for a little one. The hat was sewn by me, using a 1940’s pattern I found on Etsy. The fuzzy animal print fabric was under $2.00. Leggings were once knee-high socks found on Ebay. Red shoes were purchased on sale on Zulily, and the tiny shoe pin was .75 at a flea market. Hope you like the combination. As always, thank you for reading.

Dragon Hats, Lime Green and Church

Church outfit, locked and loaded.

Lenore’s Entry:

HI! My name is Lenore. Do you know how many clothes I have?  I have a lot of clothes. This is how I put this outfit together. My mom put out a ruffled lime green dress with a black pair of leggings for me to wear to church. It was kind of boring. I put the ruffed  green dress on and the black lace-up leggings. I wanted to have some fun, so then I went into my mom and dad’s room. In my moms room she has a dresser that has necklaces. There was a red black and white  necklace and anklet set. The set is made from black kukui nuts with white and red shells.  At last I put on my red, white and black dragon hat. I came out to show my mom and dad. My mom and dad really liked it. Thanks for reading!

Shot of the outfit after church. It worked out well.

Mom’s Notes:  We got Lenore’s lime green dress on sale at Zulily http://www.zulily.com The lace up leggings were a steal at ROSS http://www.rossstores.com/ and I made the hat from a 1940’s sewing pattern found on Etsy.  http://www.etsy.com

The necklace and anklet can be found at any party supply store. Stay tuned for a new entry and outfit on Friday.