Fuzzy Coats Are Warm And COOL!

I got this for my birthday from my good friend "I".

I got this for my birthday from another good friend “A”. I have a lot of friends whos name starts with “A”!

Fuzzy Coats!

My friend knows I REALLY like fashion.

Fuzzy Coats

Thanks “A”! You have no idea how much I wear this coat. It’s cool and warm at the same time.

Lenore’s Entry:  I have a few things that I got for my birthday!  This fuzzy coat is perfect for winter or cold weather. Today it was super cold, and I had to wear this all morning. It’s a good thing that it’s getting warm. “A ” got it for me. Thank you “A”  for the coat. You rock! 🙂

The coat is black, brown and soft. It’s as soft as a chinchilla. Trust me. I felt a chinchilla and it was soft like the coat. My coat has faux fur. My friends are really the best.

This coat goes with a blue Christmas dress. One of my purses has blue glitter and it goes with the dress. Sometimes I wear this coat with blue jeans. I wore a Monster High shirt with it and it looked GOOD!

COME ON MOM! Oh, I mean please mom. Please make a doll coat like mine for my American Girl Doll. Caroline would like a lot.

Mom’s Notes: The kid really knows how to drop a hint, doesn’t she? I’m not making a coat this week, but I did manage to make a simple outfit out of some old clothing I could no longer wear. The shirt is a free Liberty Jane pattern, and the shoes are very affordable here on Etsy. I made the skirt up as I went along.

20 minute outfit made from upcycled adult clothing.

20 minute outfit made from up-cycled adult clothing.


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Two things I play with almost every day. My Monster hat and Caroline.

Two things I play with almost every day. My Monster hat and Caroline.

Caroline has a 1940's style dress from Mom, but she didn't make the red and white dot sunglasses.

Caroline has a 1940’s style dress from Mom, but she didn’t make the red and white dot sunglasses.

She is wearing an old fashion dress with fuzzy cow print boots. I like this look.

She is wearing an old fashion dress with fuzzy cow print boots. I like this look.

Lenore’s Entry:  Hey!!! Happy New Year!!! I miss the year 2012. 😦  But it’s time to move on. Now who is ready to have fun with fashion? Caroline has boots that are made out of fuzzy cow print. My mom sewed them, and gave me them for Christmas. I have other clothes for her. When I got her, I saw her in the same dress that I have in my closet. It is pink and black skulls. Maybe  today i will get a horse for her!

I am taking a gift card to Target so I can get Caroline’s horse. My Ant Molly and Uncle Todd gave it to me. I am going to buy a horse that is white. I like the pretty white ones. I might bring Caroline so then she can pick out the horse.

My monster hat is black, white, red and blue. The eye is a button. On my birthday I got this hat from my friend “A”. I love this hat! I wear it all the time. Thanks “A” !

Happy New Year Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom’s Notes: I am going to attempt to make a replica of this monster hat. I’m thinking some black yarn, buttons, felt and a new gray knit sock will get the job done.  Lenore and I will sew some jeans and T-shirts today, and then I am on to this dress here. This is one of the cutest dresses patterns I have seen in some time. As always, thanks for stopping by to read Lenore’s adventures.

Cat Girl Has Arrived

I painted this mask myself. It was so much fun! My sister painted one too.

Evil Beware! Cat girl is here.

I have been playing with my mask most of the day. Now I need a cape.

Lenore’s Entry: Hi!! My mom got my mask at Target. Its made of thick paper so if I get the mask wet it will break. I used my dad’s paints. He doesn’t have many colors to work with. Sometimes I mix them together so I have  more colors work with. Its fun to make art.

The mask  has a lot of black. I messed up the ears a little bit. There’s a little black in the ear, that’s where I messed up. I got help from my sister. She helped me with the face of the cat mask. I helped her too. I helped her with the sides of the cat mask. Don’t you want to make a mask too?

Mom’s Notes: Best $2 I ever spent.

Old School Hats Never Get Old

Mom made this one!

I wear this one all the time.

Lenore’s Entry: Hi!!! Its me again. I am going to talk about my hats. One of the hats is a heart angle  and the other one is Japanese doll. The heart angel is white , red and green. Mom made this hat too. First to make a hat is to draw it on the computer. After you draw on the computer to make the hat, cut the pattern out. Next, you take a fabric that you like and put it under the pattern so you can trace it.

Then you cut out the fabric that you like in the shape of the pattern. Now you sew the fabric together.  Try it on to make sure it fits you. Now make a design on your hat so it will be colorful and decorative.  I make the designs by cutting them out of cloth.  Now we put the design on the front of the hat with glue.

Make a outfit with your hat and wear it! 🙂

Mom’s Note: Lenore loves this style. I am in the process of making several new hats in this style for the upcoming school year. I have been teaching Lenore the process. Have a great Friday.

The Girl With The Dragon Ear Cuff

This is one of my favorite dresses.

A tiny dragon lives on my ear.

Lenore’s Entry: Hi !!!! It’s good to see you again. I have a tiny dragon who lives on my ear. My dragon is a girl named Phoenix. She likes the name. Phoenix  tries to fly sometimes, but I don’t let  her. I help Phoenix sleep on my ear. Shhhh!…….. Phoenix is sleeping.

Phoenix likes my dress because  its black, red, and white. Another dragon lives on my hat. The hat is  the same red as the red on the dress.

White rings are at the bottom of the dress. There are white flowers on the dress, also. I wear this dress to school and to church.

I hope you enjoyed this entry`. Good bye !

Mom’s Notes: The dragon cuff is super fun, but continued to slip during the shoot. We had to delete many photos. In the end, we used a hair band to hold it in place. That ear is still too little for this cuff, but will grow into it in time. It’s definitely one of her favorites. I made the hat out of boiled wool from a vintage 1940’s pattern. The dress was on sale off the rack from T.J. Max.  This was a short entry for Lenore today. I told her she could make it short if she promised to make up for it on Friday. See you then. 🙂

Pirates, And Robots, And Knives Oh MY!

Pirates or Robots? Why choose?

Lenore’s Entry: Hi! Its me again. My shoes are black . They don’t cover up all of my foot. But they sure are comfortable.

I like pirates.  So I wear a  red leather coat with my pirate headband and have a pretend knife. Just like a pirate.  I like robots, too.  So I’m also wearing two robot necklaces.  They have little legs that are loose, and  mustaches with sparkle eyes.  I’m wearing two, but you can’t see the other one in the first picture.  The other one is blue and is the same as the pink one.

The robots are “friendship” necklaces. One of them is mine and one of them is my sister’s. Hers is the blue one, and mine is the pink one. I got them for my sister at the community mall. In the Mall is “Hot Topic”. That is a store. I love the things there. They have fun pins like “I love Tacos” or ” I Love Pancakes”. They also have crazy fun hats, and “Hunger Game” necklaces.

When I can’t choose between two things, sometimes I wear them together. It always works, but if I have THREE things, I just chose two. Three is usually too much.

Have a good weekend, and I hope you read this. See you on Monday. ARRGH!!

Mom’s Notes: Lenore’s shirt is a hand-me-down from her big brother. I believe it’s from Target. The red jacket is another find from Sears. We hit sales at the end of the season for the best deal. Not a bad purchase for $11.00. The pirate head headband is from Disney, compliments of “Big Sister”. Have a great weekend, and see you on Monday.

Headscarves Never Get Old

This scarf takes no time to wrap.

Lenore’s Entry: Hi!!! This is my outfit. I hope you like it. If you don’t  it  is fine.  My dress is sun shine yellow and white. It’s a sun shine yellow tie- dye.

Another part of my outfit is the leggings. These leggings have laces on the bottom of them. They also have little silver open circles on the bottom with stretchy material.

The most interesting is the head band. This head band is wrapped into a flower on the side. My mom did this for me. The head band is rainbow flowers. When I was at a fair, some people liked my head band. That was pretty awesome that someone said something nice about my headscarf.

Good day and good night to you.

Love Lenore.

Mom’s notes: The tutorial on how to wrap a scarf in this fashion can be found here. She has been wearing scarves in this “bun fashion” quite a bit. Have a great weekend, and we’ll be back on Monday.

The Devil Wears Prada, But Mother Nature Wears Blue Jeans

Mother Nature and her crown.


“I wear this crown all the time.”

Lenore’s Entry:

HI!!! Its me again. I have my outfit ready. These blue jeans  have pockets in the back. It has a snap button. It has a puckered seam on the leg. These are old.

In these pictures I am wearing a red sweater. The color is bright cherry red. It is very warm and I mean the sweaty kind of warm. But I like it anyways.

I have a belt around my waist . Its covered with  black , white studs.

A crown is on my head. This is my Mother Nature crown. It made from sparkly green leaves. There are deep red berries with the leaves. And there are white flowers too. Some critters live on crown too. There are birds, butterflies, and a baby deer. I forgot about Mr. Mouse! He’s tiny. My mom made me this crown for Halloween, but I wear it a lot. I LOVE my crown. Hope you like it.

Good Bye friends.

Mom’s Notes: I made Lenore’s Mother Nature crown last year for Halloween. She decided to be Mother Nature (obviously) and we spent a great deal of time in Ben Franklin. The animals can be found online at Etsy, or (if you’re lucky) you can snag some woodland creatures at Hobby Lobby. Since Halloween has past, she has worn this crown often. It’s definitely one of her favorite accessories. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to talk you through the process. Have a great week!

I Have Leather and Feathers

This skirt is awesome because it has shorts sewn in.

Lenore’s Entry:

Hi!!!!  Its my outfit and me . HAPPY FRIDAY.  This is a green shirt that has shiny silver sparkles on this T-shirt. The design is a feather. It has pink on it too.

The feather around my neck is blue and yellow and soft. It is a necklace and dark brown leather cord.

My leather jacket is black and button-up. It’s the same jacket I wore for other pictures but I like it. It has silver zippers and snaps, and says something on the buttons but I didn’t read them.

This skirt is silver, gold and black. It is see-through on the very bottom and layered with black shorts under it.

The other necklace has shells on it too. It’s black and white and a little bit of yellow.

I went to Block Buster to pick some movies and I felt happy at Block Buster because someone liked my outfit there. If someone says they like your clothes, be polite and say “Thank you!”  I always try to remember to do that.

Thank you for reading today.


Mom’s Notes: Another big thank-you goes out to my oldest daughter for generously allowing Lenore borrow her clothing. The skirt, feather necklace, and shirt belong to her. They are from loved ones, and I’m not sure where they were purchased. If they chime in, I will add the link. The faux leather jacket is from Sears. Black boots were found at Target. We are pushing Lenore to expand beyond the basic description of the clothing. Future entries will include a short story tied with the outfit in some way. Thank you for stopping by, and have a great weekend.

Introducing, “The Little Bandit!”

Black and White is fun!

But I like color.

Lenore’s Entry:


This is Lenore. In both pictures I have a leather jacket that is black and zip up with buttons. The jacket is one of my favorite coats. I wear it at the mall, to school, at restaurants and at cold places .

My hat has a red flower with a button in the middle.  It is black, and white. The hat is fuzzy and striped. The stripes are black and brown. My mom made it out of fuzzy cloth. I wear this one to church a lot.

The mask on my face is black and stretchy. I am pretending to be a Spy/Super Hero in this picture. My spy name is The Little Bandit. My mom likes the black and white picture, but I like the colored one best.


“The Little Bandit”, is a child “super hero” who fights monsters in children’s bad dreams. Stay tuned!

Mom’s Notes: Lenore and her father are working on an online comic book called “The Little Bandit”. This will be an online comic blog with a different story every few weeks. Obviously, Lenore is the main super hero in the story. I posted one of the mock-ups for the first story above.

I made the hat out of some remnant fabric. It is a 1940’s pattern found on Etsy. The jacket was found at a sidewalk sale from Sears. It was the end of the season, and we paid $8.00 after all of the mark downs. Wow, I love sales. Have a great week, and Lenore will post again on Friday.