Some Of My Guitar Practice!

Here is some of my shredding practice on Friday.

ANNNND here is some Gallup practice.

This is what I’m working on these days.



Hey guys I have big news to tell you. It may be weird but I have a bird. A wild bird.So I guess you might be thinking ” Don’t you have enough animals?” I mean I have a fish, dog,and two cats. Yeah, no. I saved his life from being mauled by a cat in the sun. Also I saved him today from also being mauled by a cat (again). OK , this time it was my fault for leaving the door open to the bird box, but hey I learned my lesson. After today I think I’ll name him “SkyFall”. I don’t know.


I was devastated at first but then I was furious and I wanted to scream and put him (the cat) outside and … oh *he he* sorry. I got in my own little world for a second. It’s like a week old now and it’s so fluffy.

We found him hanging from the cat’s mouth outside the kitchen. The poor little thing was squeaking like a scared strangling mouse. We put the two cats outside once we pried the bird out of the cat’s mouth. He’s lucky to still be alive. After that the family is more cautious about the cats. It was kinda my fault for forgetting to leave the door open.

We feed Skyfall dog food that’s watered down and mashed up with bugs. Also we give him water through a tiny syringe. The only thing that keeps him warm is a lamp for reading. I have to go. Go to feed Skyfall his food.


SkyFall after a meal...

SkyFall after a meal…