Lps Slayer Channel.

Hey I’m back and guess what? I made my own channel and it’s called Lps Slayer. I made it couple months ago it isn’t very popular.     :  , (    Anyways I’ve made not a lot of videos so far. Here’s a link to it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ-zMUNZz-LaO4HcQTsLZUQ.

I need some new material for videos so I’m asking you guys to give me some material and I’ll put in my video as a shout out.    Also if you like my videos please subscribe to my channel


I’m Back!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone I’m so sorry I haven’t written in like how many years three? I don’t know but has been long. I am TEN years old now and I wanna say something… I’M BACK! Sorry again about the caps. Anyway I have some big news… I have a puppy. Her name is Boots, and she’s six months old.

I paid the lady with my own money. The best part is that she was only $20 can you believe it $20 dollars! So here I am typing to you all and, no Boots I don’t have ice cubes. (Ugh) Hold on…….So that’s it it’s been a great time talking to you guys.


Baby Boots!

Baby Boots!