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Fuzzy Coats Are Warm And COOL!

I got this for my birthday from my good friend "I".

I got this for my birthday from another good friend “A”. I have a lot of friends whos name starts with “A”!

Fuzzy Coats!

My friend knows I REALLY like fashion.

Fuzzy Coats

Thanks “A”! You have no idea how much I wear this coat. It’s cool and warm at the same time.

Lenore’s Entry:  I have a few things that I got for my birthday!  This fuzzy coat is perfect for winter or cold weather. Today it was super cold, and I had to wear this all morning. It’s a good thing that it’s getting warm. “A ” got it for me. Thank you “A”  for the coat. You rock! 🙂

The coat is black, brown and soft. It’s as soft as a chinchilla. Trust me. I felt a chinchilla and it was soft like the coat. My coat has faux fur. My friends are really the best.

This coat goes with a blue Christmas dress. One of my purses has blue glitter and it goes with the dress. Sometimes I wear this coat with blue jeans. I wore a Monster High shirt with it and it looked GOOD!

COME ON MOM! Oh, I mean please mom. Please make a doll coat like mine for my American Girl Doll. Caroline would like a lot.

Mom’s Notes: The kid really knows how to drop a hint, doesn’t she? I’m not making a coat this week, but I did manage to make a simple outfit out of some old clothing I could no longer wear. The shirt is a free Liberty Jane pattern, and the shoes are very affordable here on Etsy. I made the skirt up as I went along.

20 minute outfit made from upcycled adult clothing.

20 minute outfit made from up-cycled adult clothing.


One response to “Fuzzy Coats Are Warm And COOL!

  1. Michaelene ⋅

    Hey!!, I have a coat like that, but it’s all black. I love mine also. That color looks so good on you. Have a very good day. Love you —–

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