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I Want To Share My Favorite Blog:

I LOVE cute things! Panda Hats and Milktoof’s are super cute.

Lenore’s Notes: Hey!!!!! I love a blog about “My Milk Toof“. Its two little teeth that go on fun adventures. One of my favorite stories is when Lardee got sick and Ickle read Lardee a story. I LOVE, LOVE “My Milk Toof”.

Lardee is the fat one and Ickle is the skinny one. I would like to help the woman who did this cute idea. I would help her make the scenes and take the pictures.

To the woman who made My Milk Toof : I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!. It’s so cute and every day I check it. It’s cute how you did the forest that is black , brown and you are very, very, very talented. For those who don’t know, she made a forest that was spectacular and sort of realistic.

I wonder if Carrot got a present? Oh I almost forgot. Carrot is the fish that Ickel and Lardee have. They are very good friends.

I would recommend “My Milk Toof” to someone because it is soooo cute.  😉

Mom’s Notes: As you can see, Lenore loves this blog. I hope you get a chance to check out the ultimate cuteness . Have a great weekend and thanks for reading. 


2 responses to “I Want To Share My Favorite Blog:

  1. Aunt Mary ⋅

    Well I learned about two new characters and then went on internet and read more about Ickle and Lardee…quite the personalities

  2. LittleBanditHats ⋅

    Aren’t they the cutest, Mary? I can’t even imagine how long it takes to set up those shots. Thanks for commenting, and taking a peek.

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