Fuzzy Coats Are Warm And COOL!

I got this for my birthday from my good friend "I".

I got this for my birthday from another good friend “A”. I have a lot of friends whos name starts with “A”!

Fuzzy Coats!

My friend knows I REALLY like fashion.

Fuzzy Coats

Thanks “A”! You have no idea how much I wear this coat. It’s cool and warm at the same time.

Lenore’s Entry:  I have a few things that I got for my birthday!  This fuzzy coat is perfect for winter or cold weather. Today it was super cold, and I had to wear this all morning. It’s a good thing that it’s getting warm. “A ” got it for me. Thank you “A”  for the coat. You rock! 🙂

The coat is black, brown and soft. It’s as soft as a chinchilla. Trust me. I felt a chinchilla and it was soft like the coat. My coat has faux fur. My friends are really the best.

This coat goes with a blue Christmas dress. One of my purses has blue glitter and it goes with the dress. Sometimes I wear this coat with blue jeans. I wore a Monster High shirt with it and it looked GOOD!

COME ON MOM! Oh, I mean please mom. Please make a doll coat like mine for my American Girl Doll. Caroline would like a lot.

Mom’s Notes: The kid really knows how to drop a hint, doesn’t she? I’m not making a coat this week, but I did manage to make a simple outfit out of some old clothing I could no longer wear. The shirt is a free Liberty Jane pattern, and the shoes are very affordable here on Etsy. I made the skirt up as I went along.

20 minute outfit made from upcycled adult clothing.

20 minute outfit made from up-cycled adult clothing.


I Want To Share My Favorite Blog:

I LOVE cute things! Panda Hats and Milktoof’s are super cute.

Lenore’s Notes: Hey!!!!! I love a blog about “My Milk Toof“. Its two little teeth that go on fun adventures. One of my favorite stories is when Lardee got sick and Ickle read Lardee a story. I LOVE, LOVE “My Milk Toof”.

Lardee is the fat one and Ickle is the skinny one. I would like to help the woman who did this cute idea. I would help her make the scenes and take the pictures.

To the woman who made My Milk Toof : I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!. It’s so cute and every day I check it. It’s cute how you did the forest that is black , brown and you are very, very, very talented. For those who don’t know, she made a forest that was spectacular and sort of realistic.

I wonder if Carrot got a present? Oh I almost forgot. Carrot is the fish that Ickel and Lardee have. They are very good friends.

I would recommend “My Milk Toof” to someone because it is soooo cute.  😉

Mom’s Notes: As you can see, Lenore loves this blog. I hope you get a chance to check out the ultimate cuteness . Have a great weekend and thanks for reading. 

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Two things I play with almost every day. My Monster hat and Caroline.

Two things I play with almost every day. My Monster hat and Caroline.

Caroline has a 1940's style dress from Mom, but she didn't make the red and white dot sunglasses.

Caroline has a 1940’s style dress from Mom, but she didn’t make the red and white dot sunglasses.

She is wearing an old fashion dress with fuzzy cow print boots. I like this look.

She is wearing an old fashion dress with fuzzy cow print boots. I like this look.

Lenore’s Entry:  Hey!!! Happy New Year!!! I miss the year 2012. 😦  But it’s time to move on. Now who is ready to have fun with fashion? Caroline has boots that are made out of fuzzy cow print. My mom sewed them, and gave me them for Christmas. I have other clothes for her. When I got her, I saw her in the same dress that I have in my closet. It is pink and black skulls. Maybe  today i will get a horse for her!

I am taking a gift card to Target so I can get Caroline’s horse. My Ant Molly and Uncle Todd gave it to me. I am going to buy a horse that is white. I like the pretty white ones. I might bring Caroline so then she can pick out the horse.

My monster hat is black, white, red and blue. The eye is a button. On my birthday I got this hat from my friend “A”. I love this hat! I wear it all the time. Thanks “A” !

Happy New Year Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom’s Notes: I am going to attempt to make a replica of this monster hat. I’m thinking some black yarn, buttons, felt and a new gray knit sock will get the job done.  Lenore and I will sew some jeans and T-shirts today, and then I am on to this dress here. This is one of the cutest dresses patterns I have seen in some time. As always, thanks for stopping by to read Lenore’s adventures.