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Moms Notes: American Girl Clothing 2012

One of Lenore’s favorite outfits.

Lenore’s favorite black boots with buckles.

“Caroline” the newest historical AG doll. Sporting a more modern look.

Not an exact replica of the Jack Skellington hat, but close enough.

That ruffle was a total pain.

Mom’s Notes: This year, Lenore has asked for an American Girl doll for Christmas. I think the dolls are well made, but still a little pricey for us. Nevertheless, we decided to get her the doll she fell in love.  However, you better believe we are taking our address off of the AG mailing list for the future.

Lenore wants “Caroline” from Santa this year. Caroline is the newest doll featured in their historical line. She’s a gorgeous doll, and her clothing is exquisite, and well made. I couldn’t complain once I saw how gorgeous she is. Lenore is going to love her.

But…it’s not exactly just the doll that little girls love. It’s the clothing. Of course it is. I love the clothing too.

Luckily, Lenore isn’t really into the styles featured in the AG catalog. She likes some of it, sure. But many of the outfits got a resounding “Meh”.  (Thank goodness, because we really cannot afford the official AG clothing to accommodate the doll this year.) Instead, I decided to replicate 5 of her favorite outfits to the best of my ability. The first one is listed above.

I love this fabric! It’s from the Skelanimal collection and was on sale at the fabric store. I made Lenore’s dress for a grand total of $4.50 (this includes the elastic and thread). There was enough fabric leftover to make the doll dress, so I lucked out. The hat is not an exact replica, but I just used the top of a new black sock, and some white crafting felt to make “Jack”. The boots were the most tricky. I found them online for $6.00.

We found bed construction plans too. It’s here. This is the cutest bed. Her father and I purchased the lumber, and we are going to wrap the lumber and plans for under the tree. She is really into building and working with wood these days, so this is going to be a fantastic “father/daughter” project the day after Christmas.

So that’s how I have been spending the majority of my free time these days. I hope to post more of the outfits, but that will most likely be after Christmas, and Lenore will be blogging about them herself. These days she is swamped with school, swimming, and guitar practice.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.


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