My Halloween Fun Last Week!

This is me and my super old brother!

This is what The Mad Hatter wears in his hat.

Lenore’s Entry:  Happy Halloween!!!! I was the Mad Hatter for Halloween. I was sick on that day but my dad took me to a few houses. A couple of homes just dumped a lot of candy in to my bag. It was a lot of fun , even if I was a little sick I was still happy I went trick or treating. My costume has a purple hat. My talented mom sewed my vest and the two tails in back. Mom used blue ruffle for my skirt and orange satin for my vest. She finished it in four days. I used my own eye shadow that my sister got me. It has lots of colors like dark blue and a very light blue

My sister went as Katniss from the 74th Annual Hunger Games because she likes Peeta a lot. The first time she saw it, it was at a movie theater, and now she LOVES it. My brother went as an old man. He just had an old mask and a wig that was gray.

Good bye and Happy Late Halloween!!!!

Mom’s Notes: Lenore got sick right about the same time I completed her costume. It was not a very good Halloween for her, but she took it like a trooper.