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Cat Girl Has Arrived

I painted this mask myself. It was so much fun! My sister painted one too.

Evil Beware! Cat girl is here.

I have been playing with my mask most of the day. Now I need a cape.

Lenore’s Entry: Hi!! My mom got my mask at Target. Its made of thick paper so if I get the mask wet it will break. I used my dad’s paints. He doesn’t have many colors to work with. Sometimes I mix them together so I have  more colors work with. Its fun to make art.

The mask  has a lot of black. I messed up the ears a little bit. There’s a little black in the ear, that’s where I messed up. I got help from my sister. She helped me with the face of the cat mask. I helped her too. I helped her with the sides of the cat mask. Don’t you want to make a mask too?

Mom’s Notes: Best $2 I ever spent.


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