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Introducing, My New Baby . . . Sister?

This picture was taken by the doctor today. She thinks it’s a girl.

This baby is pretty cute.

The baby is waving at me.

I’m so excited about this baby!

Lenore’s Entry: My mom’s doctor thinks the baby is going to be a baby girl! Today I went to my mom’s appointment to see the baby. My dad came along too. When we were doing the ultra sound, the baby did not like us poking “her”. She kicked a lot, and we could see her kicking from the outside. Her legs are a little longer than usual babies. The doctor said it’s fine. We saw the heartbeat pounding on the screen. The doctor told me where the heart was. The heart is healthy.

There was this cream they had to put on mom’s belly. We could see where the eyes are, and its little hands. The baby looked like it was waving in the picture. That picture is listed above. I feel excited about this baby, even though she is going to get into my stuff. I love this baby already, even though she isn’t born yet. I just love her.


Mom’s Notes: Lenore goes with me every month, but this was the first time we got some really excellent pictures. This is the second visit where the doctor is heavily leaning toward “girl”. We’re so excited. She made the big announcement with her electric guitar, here.  Take care.


3 responses to “Introducing, My New Baby . . . Sister?

  1. Melissa ⋅

    So excited for you and the family. The pictures of you and the baby are cute 🙂 You are doing a GREAT job with your blog!

  2. LittleBanditHats ⋅

    Thanks Melissa! We’re really excited. Lenore is constantly talking to the baby, and can’t wait to be a big sister.

  3. Andy in DC ⋅

    Lenore, This blog post is very well-written. Keep it up! – Great |Uncle Andy

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