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Thanks Grandma Patty!

I love my new skirt and flamingo!

Look at the ruffles!

Check out my bow!

Named the flamingo “Pinky”.

Hi!! Its me again. Its been so long since I have talked to you. My skirt is ruffled and it is Monster High. Monster High is a show that shows monsters in high school. The main monsters are Frankie Stein , Clawdeen Wolf , Lagoona Blue , Cleo De Nile , Ghoulaia Yelps and Draculaura. Those are the main monsters. Ghoulia is the smartest monster in the school. Cleo is a mummy and Clawdeen is a wolf. Lagoona is a sea monster and Dracualura is a vampire. Deuce is Mudeusa’s son. Frankie is Francan Stines dotter. Ghoulia is a zombie. Deuce and Cleo are GF and BF.

The skirt is pink and black. On the side of the skirt there is a ribbon that is pink. My stuffed flamingo is named Pinky. She is nice to me and she loves the outdoors. My Grandma sent it to me yesterday. Thank you Grandma!

Good Bye


2 responses to “Thanks Grandma Patty!

  1. Aunt Mary

    Enjoy the fun outfit…Grandma Patty has great taste.

  2. LittleBanditHats ⋅

    Oh yeah she does! 😀

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