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I Have Mermaid Hair

Teal is my new color.

It will last 2 weeks….hopefully!

I really love my new hair color.

Lenore’s Entry: HI!!! It’s me again. I went to a salon for hair cuts for my dad because he needed a hair cut. Well he wanted a hair cut. After Dad was done, I got my hair colored.  They showed me colors and I wanted the sea green color, but just part of my hair.  First we had to put a little bit of  jell on. After that we put the color that you want to use. I had to sit there for a long time only for one part and that’s the rinsing  part. Then I had to wait in a blow dryer for a few minutes.  It was kind of loud.  The ladies who colored my hair were nice to me. When I was done, they said I look like a mermaid.  I wish you where there. It was fun but cold. I was in a soccer uniform. That’s all I have today. Good Bye!

Mom’s Notes: This is a color that should last for about 2 weeks, if we are careful. 



6 responses to “I Have Mermaid Hair

  1. Mary Jo Grant ⋅

    Your hair looks beautiful and yes you look like a mermaid.
    Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Aunt Mary ⋅

    You sure look happy in these pictures. I am glad you are writing again.

  3. Kelli D ⋅

    A cheaper than salon way to do it (because she has light hair) is with kool-aid. It is also temporary :]

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