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Wreck This Journal. “I’m So Bored!”

I’m so bored, and I’m writing about being bored in the book.

Being bored is hard work.

But I took some cool pictures with moms camera after the “bored” journal project.

Mom let me have the camera.

This is one I took, too.

This is the journal.

While I waited for mom, I wrote this.

Lenore’s Entry:  Hi!!!! This journal is called “Wreck This Journal”. It’s my sisters book or journal. I did it myself at my moms job. If you don’t believe  me, it says so in the entry. At the job I took a picture of a lizard looking at the camera. I got very close to him.

I took lots of pictures of flowers. I have a favorite flower. I call it the pink long ginger flower. I LOVE flowers names. My favorite flower name is Lily.

Today is Friday. Tomorrow is my first soccer game.

Good’ bye

Mom’s Notes: The point of the exercise was for Lenore to write about a super boring event in the part of the journal designated for such an entry. It helped that I took her along on my boring job. 🙂 Have a great weekend.


4 responses to “Wreck This Journal. “I’m So Bored!”

  1. Melissa ⋅

    cute! Hopefully you won’t have to be bored like that all of the time 🙂

  2. LittleBanditHats ⋅

    I offered to give her more work to cure the boredom, but she refused to take me up on it.

  3. Mary Jo Grant ⋅

    I also love to take photos of flowers. I really like your pink flower photo.

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