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Back to School!

We didn’t get a picture of Lenore for her first day of school. Will be sure to do this next LC date. In the meantime, here is a random shot with one of her school hats

Lenore’s Entry:

Today I  went to school today. It was fun. I met some new friends at the new school. We had class at the LC. My class is little small. 8 people are in my class including me of course. For my homework I get a Apple iPod Touch 3,  and a camera comes with it too. Homework is hard but there is more PLAY TIME. My teacher is very nice to me. I have less boys in my class this year in my class. This is good.

Mom’s Entry: Lenore loves her new school schedule. This Friday will be a traditional “fashion” entry, but things are a bit hectic today. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week.


One response to “Back to School!

  1. Melissa ⋅

    Glad you had fun today. Look forward to the fashion day post 🙂

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