Wreck This Journal. “I’m So Bored!”

I’m so bored, and I’m writing about being bored in the book.

Being bored is hard work.

But I took some cool pictures with moms camera after the “bored” journal project.

Mom let me have the camera.

This is one I took, too.

This is the journal.

While I waited for mom, I wrote this.

Lenore’s Entry:  Hi!!!! This journal is called “Wreck This Journal”. It’s my sisters book or journal. I did it myself at my moms job. If you don’t believe  me, it says so in the entry. At the job I took a picture of a lizard looking at the camera. I got very close to him.

I took lots of pictures of flowers. I have a favorite flower. I call it the pink long ginger flower. I LOVE flowers names. My favorite flower name is Lily.

Today is Friday. Tomorrow is my first soccer game.

Good’ bye

Mom’s Notes: The point of the exercise was for Lenore to write about a super boring event in the part of the journal designated for such an entry. It helped that I took her along on my boring job. 🙂 Have a great weekend.


That’s me on my first “adult ride” by myself. It was an 85 ft. drop

That’s me coming down…FAST!

Lenore’s Entry:  I am back!!!!! I was very BUSY.  That’s why I didn’t do an entry for a long time. School is doing great. I dissected a Lima bean in science. A Lima bean  has a coat, just like us (but ours is called skin). When you soak the Lima bean in water it turns yellow.

I am also doing guitar. Oh I almost forgot! I’m learning  a new song and its called “Zombie” by The Cranberries. I will show you when I am ready. I cant wait to go on the  Super Shot again. That’s what I am riding in the picture.

I’m in a choir group now. It’s great. Also, I performed a play called “Annie” this past July and August. It was really fun, and I met a lot of people and I made lots of friends too.

Well its time to go so, Good Bye!

Mom’s Notes: We are trying to get back on schedule. This has been difficult with the adjustments to her new school schedule. Thanks for sticking with us.

Back to School!

We didn’t get a picture of Lenore for her first day of school. Will be sure to do this next LC date. In the meantime, here is a random shot with one of her school hats

Lenore’s Entry:

Today I  went to school today. It was fun. I met some new friends at the new school. We had class at the LC. My class is little small. 8 people are in my class including me of course. For my homework I get a Apple iPod Touch 3,  and a camera comes with it too. Homework is hard but there is more PLAY TIME. My teacher is very nice to me. I have less boys in my class this year in my class. This is good.

Mom’s Entry: Lenore loves her new school schedule. This Friday will be a traditional “fashion” entry, but things are a bit hectic today. Thanks for stopping by, and have a great week.

Mom’s Notes: Happy Friday everyone! This is the new song Lenore has been working on for the month. She will continue to practice and we will post occasional updates of this song and others as she improves. We will be back with another fashion post this Monday. Have a fantastic weekend, and thanks for watching.

Thanks Aunt Niki!

This is a great outfit for my panda hat.

I love my new outfit! The skirt has shorts built-in. Yay !

Lenore’s Entry: Hi!!!! My shirt is pink with  a little bit of sparkle at the bottom of  the shirt. It has a bow at the top of the shirt and hearts are at the bottom of the pink shirt and it has lace at the top of the shirt.

The skirt is black , pink and white. At the bottom of the skirt there is pink  black and white are checkered . Theres a bow that is checkered on the wast of the skirt.

This final part is the hat that is a panda. The hat has brown eyes and a black ring around his eye .

Thank you Aunt Niki for the wonderful outfit! I love it!


Mom’s Notes: Lenore took a week off of blogging because we have been going full force since last week. The musical performance wrapped with its last show on Saturday night, all three kids started school this week, and soccer practices have begun. It has been a blur of registration forms, back to school rush, and everything under the sun. We’re back, though! A big thanks goes out to Lenore’s Aunt Niki, who generously sent Lenore a box of adorable outfits this week. She can’t wait to showcase more. Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll be back on Friday.