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Old School Hats Never Get Old

Mom made this one!

I wear this one all the time.

Lenore’s Entry: Hi!!! Its me again. I am going to talk about my hats. One of the hats is a heart angle  and the other one is Japanese doll. The heart angel is white , red and green. Mom made this hat too. First to make a hat is to draw it on the computer. After you draw on the computer to make the hat, cut the pattern out. Next, you take a fabric that you like and put it under the pattern so you can trace it.

Then you cut out the fabric that you like in the shape of the pattern. Now you sew the fabric together.  Try it on to make sure it fits you. Now make a design on your hat so it will be colorful and decorative.  I make the designs by cutting them out of cloth.  Now we put the design on the front of the hat with glue.

Make a outfit with your hat and wear it! 🙂

Mom’s Note: Lenore loves this style. I am in the process of making several new hats in this style for the upcoming school year. I have been teaching Lenore the process. Have a great Friday.


2 responses to “Old School Hats Never Get Old

  1. Melissa ⋅

    Can’t wait to see the new hats! another fine blog Miss Lenore 🙂

  2. LittleBanditHats ⋅

    Once the kids start school….:)

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