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Mom’s Notes: Looking Back

Baby Lenore


7 yr. old Lenore.

Mom’s Notes: I was just going through some old photos this morning and I came across one of my favorites. Lenore was only one here. It’s so much fun to look back but even more fun to look forward. I miss the baby, for sure. However, I am enjoying the “little girl” right now. She is so much fun, and I’m not sure what I did to deserve this sweet child, but I’ll take it. Some day, my husband and I will enjoy the “young lady” she will become.-But not yet. Today she is still my 7 yr. old, and my husband and I are cherishing every minute. It goes so fast.

My fun girl will be back here on Friday. Have a great week.


One response to “Mom’s Notes: Looking Back

  1. Patricia ⋅

    How lucky for you that Mom can just whip up a new dress. It looks like you are having fun wearing it.
    Little Boxes has been a favorite song for a long time. The truth of it doesn’t go away. Looking forward to hearing you rendition.

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