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A “Punk Girl” Prairie Dress!

Mom made this dress for me!!!!!!!

Mom: “I bought the fabric for Lenore on sale. It was a $1.99 a yd. The dress requires only 1.5 yds.”

Thanks MOM!

Lenore’s Entry: HI!!! ITS ME AGAIN!! I missed you guys. I love it when people read my blog. So thank you for reading. This dress is sewn by my mom. She picked out the pattern at the fabric store too. As soon as she got home, mom showed the fabric to me. She said that it would make a good dress. Mom sewed it all day. It took three days to make the dress. And now Wallah!…. it’s done. I think I look like a punk-rock girl.

When I wear it , it feels comfortable. I LOVE this dress. I am going to wear this to Church on Saturday. Now I can’t wait for church!

The necklaces are black and white. They are chained together. On the necklace and hat  there is Jack Skellington. I like him because he was on a move called “Nightmare Before Christmas“. It’s a really good movie. You should definitely see it, but I’m not going to tell you what it’s about.

Signing off for Friday! I have to go practice guitar. Bye!

Mom’s Notes: Lenore is a bit confused about where the pattern came from. It’s a basic Peasant Dress found on Etsy. The fabric is from the “Skellanimal” collection, and yes…it was on sale. The dress can be made in an hour, if you don’t have two other children and at least 20 other things that must be done. It took me 3 days 🙂 Lenore will be back next Monday with a new outfit. She is working on a new song to share as well. Have a great weekend.


4 responses to “A “Punk Girl” Prairie Dress!

  1. Aunt Mary ⋅

    You will have to tell us if people at church noticed your new dress

  2. Melissa ⋅

    Your mom did a GREAT job with it. I am glad that you like it and your accessories you picked out go with it nicely. Fantastic Job to both of you 🙂

  3. LittleBanditHats ⋅

    Mary…I’m almost certain this will turn heads at Church. HA!

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