Mom’s Notes: Everyone has to start somewhere when learning something new. This is Lenore’s beginning of a new song. As with the others, we plan to record the progress. It’s rough. Extremely rough! But with practice (and more instruction), she will eventually get it. As of now, she does not know the intro., and the rest of the song. Normally we post one of her new songs at the first of every month. That will happen as scheduled, but I wanted to share a glimpse of what’s to come. Hopefully, some day she will look back at these videos and smile. They certainly make her father and I smile. Have a great week.


Tunics Are AWESOME!

Tunics and Leggings are always a favorite here.

Lenore’s Entry: HI !!! This is me, with my Monday outfit. My leggings are white and stretchy. There is lace on the bottom of the leggings. These leggings are pretty new compared to my black leggings.

My next AWESOME part is the tunic. This tunic is colorful. The colors are green, blue and white. The patterns are a little swirly and weird.

On my head is a head band that is green and blue. Also the head band sparkles like the ocean. I wear this head band a lot.

I am not wearing earnings. I am wearing an ear cuff. It’s swirly and green and blue and yellow. You can wear earnings with it but I decided not to do that.

Good bye!

Mom’s Notes: Lenore is late today because she has been putting in extra time at the pool and rehearsal. Thanks for stopping by. By the middle of next week, we will have another guitar performance posted. Have a great week.

Old School Hats Never Get Old

Mom made this one!

I wear this one all the time.

Lenore’s Entry: Hi!!! Its me again. I am going to talk about my hats. One of the hats is a heart angle  and the other one is Japanese doll. The heart angel is white , red and green. Mom made this hat too. First to make a hat is to draw it on the computer. After you draw on the computer to make the hat, cut the pattern out. Next, you take a fabric that you like and put it under the pattern so you can trace it.

Then you cut out the fabric that you like in the shape of the pattern. Now you sew the fabric together.  Try it on to make sure it fits you. Now make a design on your hat so it will be colorful and decorative.  I make the designs by cutting them out of cloth.  Now we put the design on the front of the hat with glue.

Make a outfit with your hat and wear it! 🙂

Mom’s Note: Lenore loves this style. I am in the process of making several new hats in this style for the upcoming school year. I have been teaching Lenore the process. Have a great Friday.

The Girl With The Dragon Ear Cuff

This is one of my favorite dresses.

A tiny dragon lives on my ear.

Lenore’s Entry: Hi !!!! It’s good to see you again. I have a tiny dragon who lives on my ear. My dragon is a girl named Phoenix. She likes the name. Phoenix  tries to fly sometimes, but I don’t let  her. I help Phoenix sleep on my ear. Shhhh!…….. Phoenix is sleeping.

Phoenix likes my dress because  its black, red, and white. Another dragon lives on my hat. The hat is  the same red as the red on the dress.

White rings are at the bottom of the dress. There are white flowers on the dress, also. I wear this dress to school and to church.

I hope you enjoyed this entry`. Good bye !

Mom’s Notes: The dragon cuff is super fun, but continued to slip during the shoot. We had to delete many photos. In the end, we used a hair band to hold it in place. That ear is still too little for this cuff, but will grow into it in time. It’s definitely one of her favorites. I made the hat out of boiled wool from a vintage 1940’s pattern. The dress was on sale off the rack from T.J. Max.  This was a short entry for Lenore today. I told her she could make it short if she promised to make up for it on Friday. See you then. 🙂

Pirates, And Robots, And Knives Oh MY!

Pirates or Robots? Why choose?

Lenore’s Entry: Hi! Its me again. My shoes are black . They don’t cover up all of my foot. But they sure are comfortable.

I like pirates.  So I wear a  red leather coat with my pirate headband and have a pretend knife. Just like a pirate.  I like robots, too.  So I’m also wearing two robot necklaces.  They have little legs that are loose, and  mustaches with sparkle eyes.  I’m wearing two, but you can’t see the other one in the first picture.  The other one is blue and is the same as the pink one.

The robots are “friendship” necklaces. One of them is mine and one of them is my sister’s. Hers is the blue one, and mine is the pink one. I got them for my sister at the community mall. In the Mall is “Hot Topic”. That is a store. I love the things there. They have fun pins like “I love Tacos” or ” I Love Pancakes”. They also have crazy fun hats, and “Hunger Game” necklaces.

When I can’t choose between two things, sometimes I wear them together. It always works, but if I have THREE things, I just chose two. Three is usually too much.

Have a good weekend, and I hope you read this. See you on Monday. ARRGH!!

Mom’s Notes: Lenore’s shirt is a hand-me-down from her big brother. I believe it’s from Target. The red jacket is another find from Sears. We hit sales at the end of the season for the best deal. Not a bad purchase for $11.00. The pirate head headband is from Disney, compliments of “Big Sister”. Have a great weekend, and see you on Monday.

Mom’s Notes: Looking Back

Baby Lenore


7 yr. old Lenore.

Mom’s Notes: I was just going through some old photos this morning and I came across one of my favorites. Lenore was only one here. It’s so much fun to look back but even more fun to look forward. I miss the baby, for sure. However, I am enjoying the “little girl” right now. She is so much fun, and I’m not sure what I did to deserve this sweet child, but I’ll take it. Some day, my husband and I will enjoy the “young lady” she will become.-But not yet. Today she is still my 7 yr. old, and my husband and I are cherishing every minute. It goes so fast.

My fun girl will be back here on Friday. Have a great week.

Lenore’s Entry: Hi again! I want to talk about when I was 6, and I stared playing guitar. This is a old video of me playing my electric blue guitar. This song is “People Are Strange”. It is by “The Doors”. When I was 6, I thought they were called “The DORVES”, and now I know their real name. This is my first song that I ever played on my guitar. It took me lots of weeks to learn it.

Now I am learning to play a song called “Little Boxes” by Malvina Reynolds. My favorite band, “Walk Off The Earth” plays a cover of this song. I like this song, and I will play it in about 3 weeks for my blog. In the meantime, I hope you like watching them and me when I was 6. Today I learned the “D” barre chord. I put my pointer finger on all of the strings except for the top one. Then I flatten out my ring finger and put pinky finger on the second string. It’s hard to talk about when you don’t see the guitar. I’ll show you how to do it soon. It feels hard on the wrist and hand. I got to shake it off a little. But anyways, it’s fun. Have a good day and night. Bye!

Mom’s Notes: As stated above, Lenore picked up her first guitar roughly a year ago. She has been practicing almost every day, and we encourage her to choose her own songs. We find there is more interest in “sticking with it” if she has some choices. This indeed is one of her absolute favorite bands. They are pretty fun, and I encourage you to check out more of their videos. She will be back on Friday with another post. Thanks for watching.

A “Punk Girl” Prairie Dress!

Mom made this dress for me!!!!!!!

Mom: “I bought the fabric for Lenore on sale. It was a $1.99 a yd. The dress requires only 1.5 yds.”

Thanks MOM!

Lenore’s Entry: HI!!! ITS ME AGAIN!! I missed you guys. I love it when people read my blog. So thank you for reading. This dress is sewn by my mom. She picked out the pattern at the fabric store too. As soon as she got home, mom showed the fabric to me. She said that it would make a good dress. Mom sewed it all day. It took three days to make the dress. And now Wallah!…. it’s done. I think I look like a punk-rock girl.

When I wear it , it feels comfortable. I LOVE this dress. I am going to wear this to Church on Saturday. Now I can’t wait for church!

The necklaces are black and white. They are chained together. On the necklace and hat  there is Jack Skellington. I like him because he was on a move called “Nightmare Before Christmas“. It’s a really good movie. You should definitely see it, but I’m not going to tell you what it’s about.

Signing off for Friday! I have to go practice guitar. Bye!

Mom’s Notes: Lenore is a bit confused about where the pattern came from. It’s a basic Peasant Dress found on Etsy. The fabric is from the “Skellanimal” collection, and yes…it was on sale. The dress can be made in an hour, if you don’t have two other children and at least 20 other things that must be done. It took me 3 days 🙂 Lenore will be back next Monday with a new outfit. She is working on a new song to share as well. Have a great weekend.