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Wednesday Notes From Mom: Sweet Dress Pattern

Found this fabric for $4.50 a yd. I only needed 1.5 yd. for the dress, so this dress was rather inexpensive to put together.

Mom’s Notes:

Happy Wednesday! Today I thought it would be nice to share a sewing pattern with you. Lenore is going to be in an upcoming production of “Annie”. It’s a wonderful show, put on by some very dedicated volunteers and homeschoolers. We’re thrilled that our girl is lucky enough to be chosen to participate.

Since I sew, I offered to make some costumes. Part of the fun has been the quest for “Depression Era” fabric. I’m looking for replicas of feed-sack material, floral prints and small patterns that look as though they would come from the 1930’s. We came across this fabric on the “Discount Table” the other day, and Lenore fell in love with it. Since it was on sale, I fell in love with it too.

Etsy has some pretty good patterns in PDF, and we chose this one. It’s quick, easy to assemble, and extremely versatile. Lenore’s costume will be complete today, and I’ll be sure to post a picture in a couple of days. She’s going to make a cute “Annie-Orphan”.

I am in the process of making costumes for some of the other cast members as well.  Pinafores seem to be the top choice for the principal cast members. (Lenore is in the chorus). I found this one, and I’m playing around with it. It could work with ruffles and such.

So if you’re looking for some easy, simple dress patterns for the summer, you may want to check these out. I’ll update the progress in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, Lenore is putting the finishing touches on her post for Friday.

Have a great day.


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