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I Have Leather and Feathers

This skirt is awesome because it has shorts sewn in.

Lenore’s Entry:

Hi!!!!  Its my outfit and me . HAPPY FRIDAY.  This is a green shirt that has shiny silver sparkles on this T-shirt. The design is a feather. It has pink on it too.

The feather around my neck is blue and yellow and soft. It is a necklace and dark brown leather cord.

My leather jacket is black and button-up. It’s the same jacket I wore for other pictures but I like it. It has silver zippers and snaps, and says something on the buttons but I didn’t read them.

This skirt is silver, gold and black. It is see-through on the very bottom and layered with black shorts under it.

The other necklace has shells on it too. It’s black and white and a little bit of yellow.

I went to Block Buster to pick some movies and I felt happy at Block Buster because someone liked my outfit there. If someone says they like your clothes, be polite and say “Thank you!”  I always try to remember to do that.

Thank you for reading today.


Mom’s Notes: Another big thank-you goes out to my oldest daughter for generously allowing Lenore borrow her clothing. The skirt, feather necklace, and shirt belong to her. They are from loved ones, and I’m not sure where they were purchased. If they chime in, I will add the link. The faux leather jacket is from Sears. Black boots were found at Target. We are pushing Lenore to expand beyond the basic description of the clothing. Future entries will include a short story tied with the outfit in some way. Thank you for stopping by, and have a great weekend.


5 responses to “I Have Leather and Feathers

  1. Melissa ⋅

    Cute outfit miss Lenore ! You did a wonderful job explaining it. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • LittleBanditHats ⋅

      Hey Melissa! She is doing necklaces earrings next week. We had to hold off on earrings because of a nasty ear infection from a pair of dolphin earrings. Thanks for the comment. She loves reading those.

  2. Patricia ⋅

    The shirt was a great find at Penny’s. The feather necklace came with it. This green is a favorite color of Raven’s.

  3. Michaelene ⋅

    Boy do you look col in that outfit. Nana

  4. Michaelene ⋅

    Papa says you look very pretty.

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