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Introducing, “The Little Bandit!”

Black and White is fun!

But I like color.

Lenore’s Entry:


This is Lenore. In both pictures I have a leather jacket that is black and zip up with buttons. The jacket is one of my favorite coats. I wear it at the mall, to school, at restaurants and at cold places .

My hat has a red flower with a button in the middle.  It is black, and white. The hat is fuzzy and striped. The stripes are black and brown. My mom made it out of fuzzy cloth. I wear this one to church a lot.

The mask on my face is black and stretchy. I am pretending to be a Spy/Super Hero in this picture. My spy name is The Little Bandit. My mom likes the black and white picture, but I like the colored one best.


“The Little Bandit”, is a child “super hero” who fights monsters in children’s bad dreams. Stay tuned!

Mom’s Notes: Lenore and her father are working on an online comic book called “The Little Bandit”. This will be an online comic blog with a different story every few weeks. Obviously, Lenore is the main super hero in the story. I posted one of the mock-ups for the first story above.

I made the hat out of some remnant fabric. It is a 1940’s pattern found on Etsy. The jacket was found at a sidewalk sale from Sears. It was the end of the season, and we paid $8.00 after all of the mark downs. Wow, I love sales. Have a great week, and Lenore will post again on Friday.


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