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A Frog Lives On My Hat

It’s hard to keep my chin straight.

White leggings with lace and 2 ankle bracelets.

This is the frog that lives on my hat.

The dress has 2 layers and is very full.

The shrug is white and crocheted.

Lenore’s Monday Entry:

Hi! This is my outfit for today. I wear this to school. These are bracelets. I put them on my ankles. One is silver with black hearts and the other one has color flowers and fake gem stones.

The leggings are white and stretchy. They have white lace on bottom too.

Here comes the dress that is so colorful! It looks stitched but it’s not. Its red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. It has straps and two  layers.

The next  part of the outfit is the shrug. The shrug  is white and looks like lace.  It is loose.

The last thing I want to write about is the hat. The hat is pink and green. It has frog on it too. The frog is green and it lives on my hat. It catches flies when I am not around.


The outfit.

Mom’s Notes: We are working with Lenore to become more descriptive with her writing. This has been a challenge. As for the outfit, the dress is from Zulily. We found the hat on Ebay. The white leggings can be found at any retail store, and the bracelets are from a church thrift shop. Thanks for stopping by and she will be back with another entry on Friday.


One response to “A Frog Lives On My Hat

  1. Niki ⋅

    Very cute outfit Lenore! : )
    Aunt Niki

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