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Zombie Blood Nail Polish

I make these colors at home.

Some of my nail polish supplies.

Some of the nail polish colors I have mixed, sitting on my desk.


Lenore’s Entry:

Its, Lenore. Today I am going to talk about nail polish. To make nail polish there are some steps. First step is to put little silver balls into the containers. You use three balls. Second step is to put clear nail polish into the containers. Then put colored  nail polish or colored powder in the bottle containers. Last you add glitter. The very last step is to shake the bottle (HARD) for four minutes until mixed. My nail polish name is called Zombie Blood. It will be for sale after summer. It’s really fun to make.

Thank you for reading.

Mom’s Notes: The glitters can be found at any hobby store. We found the cosmetic grade mica powders on Etsy. Most clear nail polish works as long as it’s “suspension” polish. Have fun! It’s rather addictive. She will be back on Friday with another outfit. Thanks for stopping by.


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