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Lenore and her guitar.

Mom’s NoteHere’s a link to Vimeo that shows Lenore playing a song from her playlist: check it out on Vimeo.  Or if that link does not work, you can see it below on YouTube. Clearly, we need to get her a new amp., but we hope you enjoy her effort. Normally she only posts on Monday and Friday, but she was pretty excited to show family her progress.

Lenore’s Entry:

Hi again! It’s Lenore here.

This video is of me playing electric guitar. I have a Squire Mini-Strat electric guitar. Fender makes these. I call it a “Mini Fender”. I have been playing one full year now.

This is how I got my first guitar. It was on Easter Day. When I woke up from my bed, I ran out to see what I got from the Easter Bunny. Mom and Dad came out, and we saw a dark purplish-blue electric guitar. It was on our blue chair. It had an amp and cord with it too. It was a Washburn  guitar. I played on this guitar for 8 months, and then Santa brought me the Mini Fender for Christmas. I got the biggest present.

I have been playing on this guitar ever since I got it for Christmas last year.

In the video, I am playing “And Then He Kissed Me”, on my Mini-Fender that I got for Christmas. There are some mistakes in my playing, I keep practicing and I learn from them. These are open chords. My dad is teaching me barre chords.

Hope you guys have a good time watching it!


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