Headscarves Never Get Old

This scarf takes no time to wrap.

Lenore’s Entry: Hi!!! This is my outfit. I hope you like it. If you don’t  it  is fine.  My dress is sun shine yellow and white. It’s a sun shine yellow tie- dye.

Another part of my outfit is the leggings. These leggings have laces on the bottom of them. They also have little silver open circles on the bottom with stretchy material.

The most interesting is the head band. This head band is wrapped into a flower on the side. My mom did this for me. The head band is rainbow flowers. When I was at a fair, some people liked my head band. That was pretty awesome that someone said something nice about my headscarf.

Good day and good night to you.

Love Lenore.

Mom’s notes: The tutorial on how to wrap a scarf in this fashion can be found here. She has been wearing scarves in this “bun fashion” quite a bit. Have a great weekend, and we’ll be back on Monday.


Mom’s Notes Update: “Annie”-Orphan Costume Complete.

The sweater works here.

She looks like such a sad little “orphan”. Can’t wait until the performance.

Mom’s Notes: This is an update from this post.

I found the sweater at the Salvation Army, and I think it worked out well. She is going to be such a cute orphan on stage. I posted the links to the patterns in the other post, if you want to make this dress. Its was very easy.

Take care.

Wednesday Notes From Mom: Sweet Dress Pattern

Found this fabric for $4.50 a yd. I only needed 1.5 yd. for the dress, so this dress was rather inexpensive to put together.

Mom’s Notes:

Happy Wednesday! Today I thought it would be nice to share a sewing pattern with you. Lenore is going to be in an upcoming production of “Annie”. It’s a wonderful show, put on by some very dedicated volunteers and homeschoolers. We’re thrilled that our girl is lucky enough to be chosen to participate.

Since I sew, I offered to make some costumes. Part of the fun has been the quest for “Depression Era” fabric. I’m looking for replicas of feed-sack material, floral prints and small patterns that look as though they would come from the 1930’s. We came across this fabric on the “Discount Table” the other day, and Lenore fell in love with it. Since it was on sale, I fell in love with it too.

Etsy has some pretty good patterns in PDF, and we chose this one. It’s quick, easy to assemble, and extremely versatile. Lenore’s costume will be complete today, and I’ll be sure to post a picture in a couple of days. She’s going to make a cute “Annie-Orphan”.

I am in the process of making costumes for some of the other cast members as well.  Pinafores seem to be the top choice for the principal cast members. (Lenore is in the chorus). I found this one, and I’m playing around with it. It could work with ruffles and such.

So if you’re looking for some easy, simple dress patterns for the summer, you may want to check these out. I’ll update the progress in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, Lenore is putting the finishing touches on her post for Friday.

Have a great day.

The Devil Wears Prada, But Mother Nature Wears Blue Jeans

Mother Nature and her crown.


“I wear this crown all the time.”

Lenore’s Entry:

HI!!! Its me again. I have my outfit ready. These blue jeans  have pockets in the back. It has a snap button. It has a puckered seam on the leg. These are old.

In these pictures I am wearing a red sweater. The color is bright cherry red. It is very warm and I mean the sweaty kind of warm. But I like it anyways.

I have a belt around my waist . Its covered with  black , white studs.

A crown is on my head. This is my Mother Nature crown. It made from sparkly green leaves. There are deep red berries with the leaves. And there are white flowers too. Some critters live on crown too. There are birds, butterflies, and a baby deer. I forgot about Mr. Mouse! He’s tiny. My mom made me this crown for Halloween, but I wear it a lot. I LOVE my crown. Hope you like it.

Good Bye friends.

Mom’s Notes: I made Lenore’s Mother Nature crown last year for Halloween. She decided to be Mother Nature (obviously) and we spent a great deal of time in Ben Franklin. The animals can be found online at Etsy, or (if you’re lucky) you can snag some woodland creatures at Hobby Lobby. Since Halloween has past, she has worn this crown often. It’s definitely one of her favorite accessories. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to talk you through the process. Have a great week!

I Have Leather and Feathers

This skirt is awesome because it has shorts sewn in.

Lenore’s Entry:

Hi!!!!  Its my outfit and me . HAPPY FRIDAY.  This is a green shirt that has shiny silver sparkles on this T-shirt. The design is a feather. It has pink on it too.

The feather around my neck is blue and yellow and soft. It is a necklace and dark brown leather cord.

My leather jacket is black and button-up. It’s the same jacket I wore for other pictures but I like it. It has silver zippers and snaps, and says something on the buttons but I didn’t read them.

This skirt is silver, gold and black. It is see-through on the very bottom and layered with black shorts under it.

The other necklace has shells on it too. It’s black and white and a little bit of yellow.

I went to Block Buster to pick some movies and I felt happy at Block Buster because someone liked my outfit there. If someone says they like your clothes, be polite and say “Thank you!”  I always try to remember to do that.

Thank you for reading today.


Mom’s Notes: Another big thank-you goes out to my oldest daughter for generously allowing Lenore borrow her clothing. The skirt, feather necklace, and shirt belong to her. They are from loved ones, and I’m not sure where they were purchased. If they chime in, I will add the link. The faux leather jacket is from Sears. Black boots were found at Target. We are pushing Lenore to expand beyond the basic description of the clothing. Future entries will include a short story tied with the outfit in some way. Thank you for stopping by, and have a great weekend.

Wednesday Notes From Mom: Fun T-Shirt Project

Mom’s Notes:

Hello Everyone!

It’ the middle of the week, and Lenore is busy writing her Friday post. In the meantime, I want to share this fun T-shirt tutorial I found online. This is fun little project for any age, because there is ZERO sewing involved. My oldest daughter “The Big Sister” is going to make a few of these for Lenore and the blog.

I found she wants to contribute to Lenore’s little writing project, but would rather remain behind the scenes (making clothing and accessories) instead of stepping in front of a camera. That’s cool. She’s just like her mom.

It will be fun to work with her on this project and I can’t wait to see what she does.

Have a great Wednesday, and we’ll be back this coming Friday.

Introducing, “The Little Bandit!”

Black and White is fun!

But I like color.

Lenore’s Entry:


This is Lenore. In both pictures I have a leather jacket that is black and zip up with buttons. The jacket is one of my favorite coats. I wear it at the mall, to school, at restaurants and at cold places .

My hat has a red flower with a button in the middle.  It is black, and white. The hat is fuzzy and striped. The stripes are black and brown. My mom made it out of fuzzy cloth. I wear this one to church a lot.

The mask on my face is black and stretchy. I am pretending to be a Spy/Super Hero in this picture. My spy name is The Little Bandit. My mom likes the black and white picture, but I like the colored one best.


“The Little Bandit”, is a child “super hero” who fights monsters in children’s bad dreams. Stay tuned!

Mom’s Notes: Lenore and her father are working on an online comic book called “The Little Bandit”. This will be an online comic blog with a different story every few weeks. Obviously, Lenore is the main super hero in the story. I posted one of the mock-ups for the first story above.

I made the hat out of some remnant fabric. It is a 1940’s pattern found on Etsy. The jacket was found at a sidewalk sale from Sears. It was the end of the season, and we paid $8.00 after all of the mark downs. Wow, I love sales. Have a great week, and Lenore will post again on Friday.

Saturday Notes From Mom: Making Accessories

Random temp. tattoo shot in the “golden hour” evening.

Different lighting, earlier in the day.

Mom’s Notes: I make a good amount of Lenore’s accessories throughout the year. Some of her favorite headbands have nature themes, and you will see them in her photos, as she continues to write. We really try to purchase everything in her wardrobe, well….cheap (temp. tattoos are as common as toothpaste.) It is very rare that we purchase something at full price (it’s usually the end of the season sales for us), and creating  most of her hats/accessories at home with craft supplies and basic sewing skill makes a difference.

From time to time, I will feature a headband or hat that I made on the weekends. I will be sure to include the supply list and shop links. It’s so much fun to make these little girl accessories, and if you want to do the same, I would love to help.

As always, thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend. Lenore will be back here on Monday.

Baby Deer Headband…a huge hit in this house, featured by Big Sister.

Blue birds with tiny eggs. I wish you could see the eggs. They are made from vintage milk glass beads.

Smile! I Have Big Sister Clothes.

Thanks Big Sister! This camera necklace is great.

Lenore’s Entry:

Its me again . I hope you have your cameras ready, because I have mine! It’s a necklace. It is silver and black and it has a white diamond .

Next is the hat. The hat is black and white. It is a kitten stocking hat. It reminds me of baby cats.

The tank top is back and lined. It is very stretchy.

On my feet are red boots and they are “zip ups”. They are almost  up to my knees. The boots are shiny and deep dark blood-red. They remind me of my “Zombie Blood Nail Polish” colors. Sometimes I wear them at school and at church.

The final part of my outfit is the skirt. This skirt is red, turquoise, brown and lime green. These are flowers on it  with shapes and patterns. My big sister let me borrow it because she is AWESOME!

Thank you, BIG SISTER!


Mom’s Notes: A big thanks goes out to Aunt Niki for the beautiful skirt. The camera necklace and tank top are also from family, though I do not know where they were purchased. The kitty hat was found at Claire’s Boutique, on sale for $1.99, and the red boots can be found at Target during the winter season. A special thanks goes out to my oldest daughter, who allowed Lenore to borrow some of her clothing for this blog. We will be back Monday with another entry. Thank you for taking the time to stop by, and have a great weekend.

A Frog Lives On My Hat

It’s hard to keep my chin straight.

White leggings with lace and 2 ankle bracelets.

This is the frog that lives on my hat.

The dress has 2 layers and is very full.

The shrug is white and crocheted.

Lenore’s Monday Entry:

Hi! This is my outfit for today. I wear this to school. These are bracelets. I put them on my ankles. One is silver with black hearts and the other one has color flowers and fake gem stones.

The leggings are white and stretchy. They have white lace on bottom too.

Here comes the dress that is so colorful! It looks stitched but it’s not. Its red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. It has straps and two  layers.

The next  part of the outfit is the shrug. The shrug  is white and looks like lace.  It is loose.

The last thing I want to write about is the hat. The hat is pink and green. It has frog on it too. The frog is green and it lives on my hat. It catches flies when I am not around.


The outfit.

Mom’s Notes: We are working with Lenore to become more descriptive with her writing. This has been a challenge. As for the outfit, the dress is from Zulily. We found the hat on Ebay. The white leggings can be found at any retail store, and the bracelets are from a church thrift shop. Thanks for stopping by and she will be back with another entry on Friday.