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Dragon Hats, Lime Green and Church

Church outfit, locked and loaded.

Lenore’s Entry:

HI! My name is Lenore. Do you know how many clothes I have?  I have a lot of clothes. This is how I put this outfit together. My mom put out a ruffled lime green dress with a black pair of leggings for me to wear to church. It was kind of boring. I put the ruffed  green dress on and the black lace-up leggings. I wanted to have some fun, so then I went into my mom and dad’s room. In my moms room she has a dresser that has necklaces. There was a red black and white  necklace and anklet set. The set is made from black kukui nuts with white and red shells.  At last I put on my red, white and black dragon hat. I came out to show my mom and dad. My mom and dad really liked it. Thanks for reading!

Shot of the outfit after church. It worked out well.

Mom’s Notes:  We got Lenore’s lime green dress on sale at Zulily The lace up leggings were a steal at ROSS and I made the hat from a 1940’s sewing pattern found on Etsy.

The necklace and anklet can be found at any party supply store. Stay tuned for a new entry and outfit on Friday.


2 responses to “Dragon Hats, Lime Green and Church

  1. Aunt Mary ⋅

    What great outfits and telling the story of how they came together is fun to read.

  2. LittleBanditHats ⋅

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. 🙂

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