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Hey I’m back and guess what? I made my own channel and it’s called Lps Slayer. I made it couple months ago it isn’t very popular.     :  , (    Anyways I’ve made not a lot of videos so far. Here’s a link to it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ-zMUNZz-LaO4HcQTsLZUQ.

I need some new material for videos so I’m asking you guys to give me some material and I’ll put in my video as a shout out.    Also if you like my videos please subscribe to my channel

I’m Back!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone I’m so sorry I haven’t written in like how many years three? I don’t know but has been long. I am TEN years old now and I wanna say something… I’M BACK! Sorry again about the caps. Anyway I have some big news… I have a puppy. Her name is Boots, and she’s six months old.

I paid the lady with my own money. The best part is that she was only $20 can you believe it $20 dollars! So here I am typing to you all and, no Boots I don’t have ice cubes. (Ugh) Hold on…….So that’s it it’s been a great time talking to you guys.


Baby Boots!

Baby Boots!

Fuzzy Coats Are Warm And COOL!

I got this for my birthday from my good friend "I".

I got this for my birthday from another good friend “A”. I have a lot of friends whos name starts with “A”!

Fuzzy Coats!

My friend knows I REALLY like fashion.

Fuzzy Coats

Thanks “A”! You have no idea how much I wear this coat. It’s cool and warm at the same time.

Lenore’s Entry:  I have a few things that I got for my birthday!  This fuzzy coat is perfect for winter or cold weather. Today it was super cold, and I had to wear this all morning. It’s a good thing that it’s getting warm. “A ” got it for me. Thank you “A”  for the coat. You rock! :)

The coat is black, brown and soft. It’s as soft as a chinchilla. Trust me. I felt a chinchilla and it was soft like the coat. My coat has faux fur. My friends are really the best.

This coat goes with a blue Christmas dress. One of my purses has blue glitter and it goes with the dress. Sometimes I wear this coat with blue jeans. I wore a Monster High shirt with it and it looked GOOD!

COME ON MOM! Oh, I mean please mom. Please make a doll coat like mine for my American Girl Doll. Caroline would like a lot.

Mom’s Notes: The kid really knows how to drop a hint, doesn’t she? I’m not making a coat this week, but I did manage to make a simple outfit out of some old clothing I could no longer wear. The shirt is a free Liberty Jane pattern, and the shoes are very affordable here on Etsy. I made the skirt up as I went along.

20 minute outfit made from upcycled adult clothing.

20 minute outfit made from up-cycled adult clothing.

I Want To Share My Favorite Blog:

I LOVE cute things! Panda Hats and Milktoof’s are super cute.

Lenore’s Notes: Hey!!!!! I love a blog about “My Milk Toof“. Its two little teeth that go on fun adventures. One of my favorite stories is when Lardee got sick and Ickle read Lardee a story. I LOVE, LOVE “My Milk Toof”.

Lardee is the fat one and Ickle is the skinny one. I would like to help the woman who did this cute idea. I would help her make the scenes and take the pictures.

To the woman who made My Milk Toof : I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!. It’s so cute and every day I check it. It’s cute how you did the forest that is black , brown and you are very, very, very talented. For those who don’t know, she made a forest that was spectacular and sort of realistic.

I wonder if Carrot got a present? Oh I almost forgot. Carrot is the fish that Ickel and Lardee have. They are very good friends.

I would recommend “My Milk Toof” to someone because it is soooo cute.  ;)

Mom’s Notes: As you can see, Lenore loves this blog. I hope you get a chance to check out the ultimate cuteness . Have a great weekend and thanks for reading. 

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Two things I play with almost every day. My Monster hat and Caroline.

Two things I play with almost every day. My Monster hat and Caroline.

Caroline has a 1940's style dress from Mom, but she didn't make the red and white dot sunglasses.

Caroline has a 1940’s style dress from Mom, but she didn’t make the red and white dot sunglasses.

She is wearing an old fashion dress with fuzzy cow print boots. I like this look.

She is wearing an old fashion dress with fuzzy cow print boots. I like this look.

Lenore’s Entry:  Hey!!! Happy New Year!!! I miss the year 2012. :(  But it’s time to move on. Now who is ready to have fun with fashion? Caroline has boots that are made out of fuzzy cow print. My mom sewed them, and gave me them for Christmas. I have other clothes for her. When I got her, I saw her in the same dress that I have in my closet. It is pink and black skulls. Maybe  today i will get a horse for her!

I am taking a gift card to Target so I can get Caroline’s horse. My Ant Molly and Uncle Todd gave it to me. I am going to buy a horse that is white. I like the pretty white ones. I might bring Caroline so then she can pick out the horse.

My monster hat is black, white, red and blue. The eye is a button. On my birthday I got this hat from my friend “A”. I love this hat! I wear it all the time. Thanks “A” !

Happy New Year Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom’s Notes: I am going to attempt to make a replica of this monster hat. I’m thinking some black yarn, buttons, felt and a new gray knit sock will get the job done.  Lenore and I will sew some jeans and T-shirts today, and then I am on to this dress here. This is one of the cutest dresses patterns I have seen in some time. As always, thanks for stopping by to read Lenore’s adventures.

My New Doll And Her Super Fun Bed!

I just adore my new doll. Her name is Caroline, and she is an AG Doll.

I just adore my new doll. Her name is Caroline, and she is an AG Doll.

Daddy and I made a bed for Caroline on Christmas Day. Mom and Dad got me wood and bed plans.

Daddy and I made a bed for Caroline on Christmas Day. Mom and Dad got me wood and bed plans.

This is the new bed! Its' a farm house bed. Mom made a bedspread, pillows, sheets and a mattress. My favorite pillow is the skull.

This is the new bed! Its’ a farm-house bed. Mom made a bedspread, pillows, sheets and a mattress. My favorite pillow is the skull.

Thanks Santa!

I take her everywhere.

Seriously...Thanks to Daddy, Mom, and Santa! I'm crazy about her.

Seriously…Thanks to Daddy, Mom, and Santa! I’m crazy about her.

Lenore’s Entry: Hey !!!!! I got some awesome things for  Christmas. I got this American Girl Doll for Christmas. Her name is Caroline and she is the newest doll. We have matching  dresses. One of them is pink and skull print. The other one is the one that I am wearing in the picture. My dad helped me build the bed. It was very fun doing it together. Dad did most of the bed. I sanded the wood a lot.

My mom painted the bed with me. We made the screws invisible with wood filler. Then we sanded some of it of when it dried. It took two coats of  creamy white paint to cover the bed.

The mattress is white and my mom made the mattress , the pillows , quilt, and skull pillow. It took a very long time to sew them. We used card board to make it stable. Tomorrow we will make blue jeans and T-shirts. I know it will be fun because it sounds fun. :)

Caroline came with a book and  I am reading it. Isn’t she pretty? I think she is .

Well, I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Bye :)

Mom’s Notes: We found the plans to the bed here. The chenille beadspread is scrap fabric. It’s a Morgan Jones Rosebud chenille piece. I tried to go for the shabby-chic cottage look, but Lenore wanted more skulls and goth. This was our compromise. She does like the rosebuds, which is a relief because that’s the only piece large enough for the bed. Hope you enjoy the bed plans. 

Mom’s Notes:Sneak Peek! Lenore’s Vintage Dolls with Impossible Embroidered Eyes

Made from a pattern found on Ebay.

Made from a pattern found on Ebay.

So a couple of years ago, I found this woman on Ebay who sells vintage doll patterns. OH MY! I love her collection. Had to purchase 5 patterns right at the beginning. This one has been moth-balled without limbs for at least a year. There was always something else to do, and then something else to buy. In the past couple of months though, I have really begun to get active with sewing and such. (See below for more cool links.)


Bald doll made from vintage patterns on Ebay. These are not button jointed.

Bald doll made from vintage patterns on Ebay. These are not button jointed.

8 inch doll. Small Fry!

8 inch doll. Small Fry!

I wanted to make realistic eyes, and truthfully, I struggle with these. There is this old pattern that incorporates the arched black lash with the three fringed on the end. But the eyeball is to the side as if the doll is looking sideways. (It’s a vintage/creepy clown doll pattern). It looks cartoonish and just a bit off.

Then a year or so ago I found this blog who makes realistic looking doll eyes with embroidery. I found her blog here. Ok..her work is amazing, and those doll eyes are light years from mine. You should check out her doll, and other works too. She’s pretty talented.

Anyway, I tried using 3 colors instead of my initial 2, and it’s somewhat better. These are just starter dolls. I am going to resize the pattern so it will work well with 18 inch doll clothing patterns. Two of my absolute favorite doll clothing pattern sites are Liberty Jane and All Dolled Up. Of course, I can always use the clothing patterns that come with the original patterns too. That small doll came with 4 different clothing patterns.

Not sure where I’m going with these yet. Some will be gifts, and I may sell some others. Hope you enjoy the links.

Now I’m off to begin the Chirstmas festivities with the family.

Merry Christmas All! Lenore will be blogging later this week.

Moms Notes: American Girl Clothing 2012

One of Lenore’s favorite outfits.

Lenore’s favorite black boots with buckles.

“Caroline” the newest historical AG doll. Sporting a more modern look.

Not an exact replica of the Jack Skellington hat, but close enough.

That ruffle was a total pain.

Mom’s Notes: This year, Lenore has asked for an American Girl doll for Christmas. I think the dolls are well made, but still a little pricey for us. Nevertheless, we decided to get her the doll she fell in love.  However, you better believe we are taking our address off of the AG mailing list for the future.

Lenore wants “Caroline” from Santa this year. Caroline is the newest doll featured in their historical line. She’s a gorgeous doll, and her clothing is exquisite, and well made. I couldn’t complain once I saw how gorgeous she is. Lenore is going to love her.

But…it’s not exactly just the doll that little girls love. It’s the clothing. Of course it is. I love the clothing too.

Luckily, Lenore isn’t really into the styles featured in the AG catalog. She likes some of it, sure. But many of the outfits got a resounding “Meh”.  (Thank goodness, because we really cannot afford the official AG clothing to accommodate the doll this year.) Instead, I decided to replicate 5 of her favorite outfits to the best of my ability. The first one is listed above.

I love this fabric! It’s from the Skelanimal collection and was on sale at the fabric store. I made Lenore’s dress for a grand total of $4.50 (this includes the elastic and thread). There was enough fabric leftover to make the doll dress, so I lucked out. The hat is not an exact replica, but I just used the top of a new black sock, and some white crafting felt to make “Jack”. The boots were the most tricky. I found them online for $6.00.

We found bed construction plans too. It’s here. This is the cutest bed. Her father and I purchased the lumber, and we are going to wrap the lumber and plans for under the tree. She is really into building and working with wood these days, so this is going to be a fantastic “father/daughter” project the day after Christmas.

So that’s how I have been spending the majority of my free time these days. I hope to post more of the outfits, but that will most likely be after Christmas, and Lenore will be blogging about them herself. These days she is swamped with school, swimming, and guitar practice.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.

My Halloween Fun Last Week!

This is me and my super old brother!

This is what The Mad Hatter wears in his hat.

Lenore’s Entry:  Happy Halloween!!!! I was the Mad Hatter for Halloween. I was sick on that day but my dad took me to a few houses. A couple of homes just dumped a lot of candy in to my bag. It was a lot of fun , even if I was a little sick I was still happy I went trick or treating. My costume has a purple hat. My talented mom sewed my vest and the two tails in back. Mom used blue ruffle for my skirt and orange satin for my vest. She finished it in four days. I used my own eye shadow that my sister got me. It has lots of colors like dark blue and a very light blue

My sister went as Katniss from the 74th Annual Hunger Games because she likes Peeta a lot. The first time she saw it, it was at a movie theater, and now she LOVES it. My brother went as an old man. He just had an old mask and a wig that was gray.

Good bye and Happy Late Halloween!!!!

Mom’s Notes: Lenore got sick right about the same time I completed her costume. It was not a very good Halloween for her, but she took it like a trooper. 

Cat Girl Has Arrived

I painted this mask myself. It was so much fun! My sister painted one too.

Evil Beware! Cat girl is here.

I have been playing with my mask most of the day. Now I need a cape.

Lenore’s Entry: Hi!! My mom got my mask at Target. Its made of thick paper so if I get the mask wet it will break. I used my dad’s paints. He doesn’t have many colors to work with. Sometimes I mix them together so I have  more colors work with. Its fun to make art.

The mask  has a lot of black. I messed up the ears a little bit. There’s a little black in the ear, that’s where I messed up. I got help from my sister. She helped me with the face of the cat mask. I helped her too. I helped her with the sides of the cat mask. Don’t you want to make a mask too?

Mom’s Notes: Best $2 I ever spent.